Hypor Partners with Nugeporc to Supply Genetics to Producers in the Dominican Republic


Hypor is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Nugeporc to supply quality genetics to pork
producers in the Dominican Republic as well as for the rest of the Greater and Lesser Antilles.
Nugeporc, a company that was formed by leading pork producers, is currently building a 200 boar AI stud to exclusively house Hypor boars. An initial delivery of 100 great-grandparent (GGP) boars
are expected to be imported into the Dominican Republic in June, and will begin supplying genetics
during the second half of 2017. Hypor will start supplying dam line and boar line genetics for an initial
sow base of 9,000 sows.
In the near future, Nugeporc is planning to build a nucleus facility to produce high quality Hypor
genetics in the Dominican Republic. Hypor will export top breeding stock from its nucleus facilities in
Canada to the nucleus facility in the Dominican Republic on a regular basis to maintain genetic
improvement.   The partnership is the result of Hypor’s expansion in Latin America and Nugeporc’s objective to  partner with a global genetic company.

“Hypor has the product portfolio and the flexibility to adapt business to meet the needs of  Nugeporc,” says Hypor general manager of Americas Luis Prieto Garcia. He adds that Nugeporc  evaluated other global genetic companies in 2016 before selecting Hypor as a genetic partner. “Hypor  has the technology and technical support that Nugeporc is looking for to continue to be competitive in  the future.”

Hypor will train Nugeporc members on Hypor’s production and quality standards to ensure the
business has a smooth start. The training will take place before the pigs arrive at the new AI stud.
“In addition to training, Hypor’s technical team and specialists are providing support to  Nugeporc throughout the entire process to make sure this is a successful partnership,” Prieto says.  “Successful partnerships with distributors, like Nugeporc, are a vital part for Hypor’s expansion in Latin  America.” Hypor currently has a strong presence in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico and has partners in  Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala as well is expanding its reach to include Peru and Brazil in 2017.   “We look forward to partnering with new distributors throughout Latin America,” Prieto says.  “And to continue supporting American producers with our balanced product portfolio and technical


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