Hypor and Farms World’s 10-Year Partnership Integral to Advancing Swine Genetics in Korea


More than 100 Hypor Kanto Duroc and Landrace and Large White pure line great grandparent (GGP)
stock were imported to Korea in November last year as part of a decade-long partnership with Farms
World GGP.

“Strong partnerships, like Farms World, are one of Hypor’s strengths,” says Hypor Asia sales
manager Bart Vercoulen. “We are continually improving genetics to meet the needs of our customers
and the market.”
Farms World is the sole supplier of Hypor genetics, and one of the largest vertical-integrated
companies in the Korean pork market. As part of the partnership, Hypor GGP stock are imported to Farms World from the Hypor high health nucleus facilities in Canada on a yearly basis.

Importing new GGP stock helps Farms World to improve the genetics in their swine herd at a  fast rate. They are expecting the genetic improvement will give them 0.5 piglet per litter more from the
dam lines and 130 grams higher daily gain from the sire line.  In addition to advancements in production efficiency, Hypor is continually improving the meat  quality to meet the consumer demand in Korea.

Since the partnership began in 2007, Hypor has used new technologies, such as genomics  selection, to develop the Hypor Kanto to produce more marbling while the amount of backfat stays the  same. These changes have made the Hypor Kanto an ideal choice for the Korean market. The Hypor  Kanto produces a high quality meat that is desired by both the Korean and Japanese markets.  “Hypor breeders have made very good production performance results in the Korean market,”  Kim says. “That’s why we chose Hypor as our business partner.”

As one of the world leaders in swine genetics, Hypor provides experts in all areas of the pork  chain, such as nutritionists and geneticists, to help clients increase their bottom line. A Hypor expert  meets with Farms World regularly to discuss genetic improvements that helps the company to be more  efficient and produce more quality  pork.

“Because Hypor is one of the biggest global breeding company they can give us the top genetic
resources,” Kim says. “Specifically in research and development.”  Farms World’s strong share in the market has helped Hypor to increase its presence in Korea.

“We listen to what our customers are asking and to what the market is demanding and we
adapt to that,” Vercoulen says. “Then we set our goals—and together we are able to succeed.”


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