Get acquainted with the Global Mega Producers- Eichelberger Farms


Today we get acquainted with – Eichelberger Farms – part of the Triumph Foods owners’ group. 


Eichelberger Farms growth in Pork production is a constant. Working closely with the other Triumph owners builds a great foundation for sharing knowledge.


 Eichelberger Farms started in the late 70’s. They have grown to a 54,000 sow operation with Nurseries and Finishers.  A culture of ownership with its employee’s has been created to the success of everyone working there.


“We need to empower our employees to make decisions, without fear of mistakes, to grow.  Our goals in the future are to grow responsibly in a pace that we can manage.” – Eichelberger Farms


Eichelberger has seen the growth in packing this year with the second shift opening in the Triumph/Seaboard Sioux City Iowa plant.


Eichelberger is a producer that owns in partnership packing plants in Missouri and Iowa.  They produce pork for both domestic and international trade.


Congratulation to Eichelberger Farms for being part of the 2018 Global Mega Producers list 

PORK — it’s a global business. No matter the size or location of your hog operation, the name of the game is to sell pounds of pork. The good news is the world loves pork. As the most consumed animal protein, people are selecting pork 40% of the time.


Twenty-seven pork producers owning 8.22 million sows can claim the title of Global Mega Producers for 2017. The Mega Global Producers are as diverse as their geographic location


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