Get acquainted with the Global Mega Producer – CPF Group –


Program sponsored by Genesus Inc. in collaboration with National Hog Farmer

The Charoen Pokphand Group (CP Group) is a transnational conglomerate that consists of three core businesses that operate in the Agri- food industry, Retail, Distribution, and Telecommunications.

Founded in 1921, the CP Group currently employs over 300,000 people operating worldwide. Annual revenue for the year 2016 was $ 50 Billion .

In 2017, the Group’s revenue from Agri-food sector totaled $ 5,6 million, with 65,6% coming from China and 34.5% from Vietnam. In 2016 CP Group undergone a rapid growth in hog production on Chinese Market.

As of 2018, global sow inventory of CP Group reaches 800,000 heads. CP produced 5 million hogs in China in 2017, mostly in Hubei, Henan and Shanxi province.

CP Group features world leading technology advancement and efficiency and is expected to have a hog output of 20 million head on Chinese market by 2024 in a more comprehensive vertical integrated pork chain that will including breeding, finishing, slaughtering and packing.

Let’s congratulate CP Group for being part of the Global Mega Producers.

   Mr. Yaping Gu, General Manager, Genesus China,
Mr. Lyle Jones, Director of Sales, Genesus China
Mr. Xue Zengyi, Vice Chairman of CP Croup Agro-Industry & Food Business in China,
Mr. Qi Shetang, Senor vice president of Chairman office of Chia Tai (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

PORK — it’s a global business. No matter the size or location of your hog operation, the name of the game is to sell pounds of pork. The good news is the world loves pork. As the most consumed animal protein, people are selecting pork 40% of the time.

Twenty-seven pork producers owning 8.22 million sows can claim the title of Global Mega Producers for 2017. The Mega Global Producers are as diverse as their geographic location


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