Friends of the Foodbank Donation Request


The goal of the Friends of the Food Bank program is to help raise funds to deliver fresh Ontario Pork to those that truly need it, those that rely on Ontario food banks. For many years, the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) has reported that protein is at a severe deficit at their local food bank locations- we want to change that.


Thanks to our 2018 supporters, we were able to raise $17,350 of base funding this year, which was matched by Ontario Pork for a grand total of $34,700.


These monetary donations were used to purchase 12,611 kgs of fresh, lean Ontario (this equates to 85,563 adult potions or 171,146 child portions). We pride ourselves in the ability to label each pork package with the Ontario Pork logo, to let recipients know that their food is produced locally.


Since this project’s inception in 2013, we have delivered 91,396kgs of pork to communities across Ontario – that’s equivalent to a staggering 1.2 million children’s portions.


Pork has been distributed to over 71 food banks throughout the province, here are some examples of what some of our recipients received this year:

Thank you to our 2018 Supporters

Ø  BSC Animal Nutrition

Ø  Cargill

Ø  Cargill (Purina)

Ø  Dr. Cathy Templeton

Ø  Elanco

Ø  Exacon

Ø  Genex Ontario

Ø  Libro Credit Union

Ø   Ontario Swine Improvement.

Ø  South West Veterinary Services

Ø  Synergy Swine

Ø  Trillium Mutual Insurance

Ø  Van Nes Farms

Ø  Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd.

  • Barrie Food Bank – 540 kg
  • Durham – 540 kg
  • Hamilton – 2,484 kg
  • London– 1,080 kg
  • Mississauga – 810 kg
  • Toronto – 4,860 kg
  • Waterloo Region – 1,620 kg
  • Windsor – 540 kg


We would like to thank our industry partners, Ontario hog farmers and Ontario Pork for their support. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact me.




Steve Thomas on behalf of Friends of the Friends of the Food Bank Program



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