Farmers Encouraged to Share Story of Productivity of Modern Farming


Farmscape for December 14, 2018

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A sixth generation Nebraska farmer suggests the great untold story of agriculture is how efficient and productive it has become. is dedicated to bridging the gap between rural and urban America. Trent Loos, a sixth generation farmer with Loos Tales From the Farm,  says the great untold story is how efficient modern food production is and how, in 1900 it took five acres to produce enough food for one person for one year compared to today where it takes less than a third of an acre to produce enough food for one person for one year.

Clip-Trent Loos-Loos Tales From the Farm:
Look at the efficiencies in the production of the sow. We have sows at our house.
I just marvel at the efficiencies in production. When I graduated high school in 1984, if you were generating 16 to 18 pigs per sow per year, you were at the coffee shop bragging about how good you’re doing. Today there are genetic suppliers right here in Canada that are talking about their genetic lines will get you to 35, possibly even 40 pigs per sow per year one day. Now what does that mean? That means the sow is minimized in its stress, it’s provided all of the care that it could possibly need, the proper nutrition because if you do not have your animals in the lowest stress level possible the first thing that is going to fail is reproduction. When you have animals that are performing that well they are speaking to you and they are telling you that you are providing all of the possible needs that I could possibly want and my stress level is low. It’s no different than in a human.
When your stress level is high you don’t perform well at work. Our job solely, how can we find ways of minimizing stress so that the animal, in this case the sow and the growing pig, can flourish.

Loos says people don’t know what farmers have accomplished because they’ve been very quiet in getting done.
He encourages other farmers to accept the challenge of educating people about their life experiences and how their work improves the planet and improves lives.

For Farmscape.Ca, I’m Bruce Cochrane.

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