Fair Oaks Farms says animal rights group infiltrated company


Fair Oaks Farms officials said Wednesday they believe an animal rights group has infiltrated the company in hopes of capturing video footage of animal abuse.

According to Fair Oaks Farms’ officials, an unnamed group that defends animals’ rights spent nearly six months working undercover filming operations at the farm.

Officials also did not disclose how they came about the discovery of the alleged clandestine filming operation.

Fair Oaks Farms is a 40-square-mile dairy farm and Midwest tourism attraction/event venue along Interstate 65 that has multiple restaurants and exhibits.

FOF officials stated they have called for a third-party review of its welfare practices to ensure its products and operations are compliant with the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) program.

FARM contracts with third-party evaluators independent of the dairy industry to conduct operational reviews.

“Once this review is finished, we will gladly share their findings,” FOF officials stated Wednesday. “If and when any videos that depict alleged animal cruelty are released, we will take immediate and corrective action toward any employee who may be found abusing animals.”

Officials said corrective action would include employee retraining, probation or termination and, if appropriate, legal action — including against the animal rights group.

“We will also take any action, including legal, toward those who knowingly facilitate any misrepresentation of appropriate practices or procedures,” the company stated.

Calls and emails to Fair Oaks Farms officials for further information have not yet been returned.

FOF provided, via its social media channels, a lengthy statement in response to Wednesday’s discovery.

“At Fair Oaks Farms, we pride ourselves on consumer transparency — not only when it comes to the dairy products we produce, but also regarding the cows, people and farming that are behind those products.”


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