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Genesus Global Market Report: Canada––Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

  Canada – Slow and Steady wins the Race? Bob Fraser – Sales & Service, Genesus Ontario   StatsCan recently released its July 1st hog inventory report. It placed total inventory of all hogs at 14.1 million head up 2% from a year ago. The market hog inventory was up 2% while the sow

Geothermal Systems for Heating and Cooling in Swine Production

    This study assessed the applicability of a geothermal system in swine production facilities. In-barn evaluation of the impact of the geothermal system on energy use, thermal environment, greenhouse gas emissions, and animal performance was conducted by comparing a swine grow-fi nish room with geothermal system to a conventional production room with a forced-convection

Group Housing for Weaning Sows?

LRIC Research spotlight How weaning sows directly into group housing affects their performance By Lilian Schaer for Livestock Research Innovation Corporation Social stress from mixing sows can negatively affect their production and welfare. Housing sows in stalls from weaning until five weeks after breeding is a common strategy to manage the animals during the sensitive

Application of Nanoparticles for Controlling Disease-Causing Microorganisms in Pig Barns

    By: Predicala & A. Alvarado Laboratory-scale tests conducted to evaluate the effect of various types of commercially-available nanoparticles on the levels of microorganisms commonly encountered in swine barn environments showed Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles had the highest antimicrobial efficacy among all the nanoparticles tested. Further experiments carried out in the barn indicated that

Does Creep Feeding Improve Post Weaning Performance?

  Weaned piglets are subjected to a number of nutritional, social and environmental stressors. They are separated from the sow, moved to a new environment, mixed with non-littermates and expected to begin consumption of a novel diet (transitioning from sow’s milk to solid feed). It is difficult to determine how much each stressor contributes to

Reducing Available Floor Space Reduced ADG and ADFI in Finisher Pigs

  Reduced floor space allowance for pigs may negatively affect growth performance as a result of competition for feed and water access, especially at later stages of the grower-finisher period. However, kilograms of pork produced per unit of floor space may increase with more pigs per pen, improving overall profitability for pork producers.   The effect of

U of G Conducts First-Ever Sausage Mislabelling Study

Feature by Deirdre Healey Using cutting-edge DNA-based technology, University of Guelph researchers have conducted the first-ever Canadian study of sausage mislabelling. The researchers found mislabelling and cross-species contamination of meat ingredients in 20 per cent of sausage samples selected fromGROCERY STORES across the country. “This study now provides us with a baseline that we can use when

Net Energy Content of Canola Meal and Full-Fat Canola Seeds in Swine

C. Montoya & P.  Leterme The project aimed to estimate the net energy (NE) content of canola meal (CM) and full-fat canola seeds (FFCS) in swine and to validate these values, through growth studies using diets containing graded levels of CM or FFCS. No difference in average daily gain and feed conversion ratio was observed

Cost Key to Deciding Whether to Renovate or Rebuild

  Full Interview 9:41Listen  Farmscape for August 22, 2017 A Farm Building Consultant with FGC Construction says cost is one of the biggest factors influencing the decisions of pork producers considering the move to group sow housing.   “Building New or Renovation: What’s to Consider” will be among the topics discussed as part of a

Study: Trailer Floors Posed the Highest Risk of Microbial Contamination

Proper washing and disinfection of swine transport trailers is an important step in maintaining biosecurity. This study examined the feasibility of using adenosine triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence as a rapid and effective swine trailer cleanliness assessment tool. Samples were taken from newly-cleaned, dry trailers using an ATP swab by swabbing an area of 10 cm x

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