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Seasonal Increase in Slaughter Numbers Expected to Pressure Live Hog Prices

    Farmscape for August 9, 2017 The Director of Risk Management with h@ms Marketing Services says the normal gradual seasonal increase in hog supplies over the next three months can be expected to negatively impact live hog prices. North American live hog prices can be expected to face downward pressure as slaughter hog numbers cycle

AgriLabs Meets the Growing Need for Better Technology in the Swine Health Industry

  To combat emerging and evolving swine diseases, AgriLabs has developed custom vaccines to address the changing strains of common viruses, such as PRRS. “Making custom vaccines for hard-to-grow virus strains has become a challenge for the animal health industry because over time the viruses change and become more different than the antigen,” says AgriLabs executive

Change in Attitudes Toward Farm Safety Needed to Reduce Farm Accidents

    Full Interview 7:14Listen  Farmscape for June 29, 2017 The Director of the Manitoba Farm Safety Program suggests a change in attitudes related to safety on the farm will go a long way toward reducing the number of farm accidents. The Manitoba Farm Safety Program provides free of charge safety services, including training, on

2,400 hogs die in confinement fire near Kingsley, IA

Source: KTIV 24-hundred hogs were killed in a confinement fire near Kingsley, Iowa on Friday. Plymouth County authorities responded to the fire at 47503 260th Street just after 10:30 a.m. Fire Rescue officials say the building was completely engulfed in flames and part of the roof was caved in when they arrived. After the fire was

Largest U.S. Swine Waste Facility to Power 32,000 Homes

  The largest utility-scale biogas facility in the U.S., capable of transforming animal and food waste into enough clean energy to power 32,000 homes annually, will break ground on Dec. 15 near Warsaw, N.C. The $100-million facility, located on 82 acres in southeastern North Carolina, is the first in a pipeline of large-scale anaerobic digestion

Tyson Foods, Lift Up America and KTVB Partner To Fight Hunger in Idaho

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  Tyson Foods, Inc. partnered with Lift Up America and KTVB News Group in Boise, Idaho, today to host a food donation telethon event at Albertsons Stadium located on the campus of Boise State University. Tyson Foods participated in the event by donating 32,000 pounds of protein. The event encouraged community members to get involved

Ron Plain of the University of Missouri, Hog Outlook, December 6 2016

  We’ve got another record. This week’s hog slaughter totaled 2.540 million head, up 18.0% from last week which was light because of Thanksgiving; up 4.8% from the same week last year; and if not revised, the most ever in a week. Prior to this fall packers had never slaughtered 2.5 million hogs in a

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack Forecasts Record High Ag Exports in 2017

  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today issued the following statement on the forecast for U.S. agricultural exports in fiscal year 2017. “U.S. farmers and ranchers continue to rise to the challenge of supplying the world with high-quality, American-grown products. At a projected $134 billion in 2017, U.S. farm exports continue to rally and remain on

Preliminary results have shown that sows could tolerate temperature as low as 9 °C

    Conversion of gestation sow housing from stalls to group systems signifies a major shift for the recently revised Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs. One specific study at Prairie Swine Centre aimed to investigate management options that would take advantage of potential merits of group sow housing. One

What pork producers need to know about FDA’s antibiotic changes

        On January 1, 2017, the U.S Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) new regulation addressing on-farm antibiotic use in food-animal production will take effect. The purpose of this publication is to identify which swine medications will be affected by these changes. FDA’s effort is aimed to eliminate the use of medically important

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