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Avoid the Summertime Drop in Production with Practical Tips from Hypor

From quality genetics to excellent management, Hypor provides producers with the tools to maintain high production from farrow to finish during summer’s hot spells. With nucleus facilities located in warm regions, Hypor selects genetics with a high heat-tolerance, as well as provides pork producers with the research and knowledge to reduce heat stress. Here’s a

Study: Using Peas with Inclusion Rates as High as 60% Did Not Cause Any Reduction in Feed Intake

With an annual production ranging from 3 to 3.7 million tonnes, field peas constitute a major source of income for farmers in Western Canada. Thanks to their high content in digestible energy and certain essential amino acids, field peas constitute an excellent feed ingredient for swine. A past survey (Pulse Canada) indicated producers were some what reluctant to use high levels

Genesus Global Market Report: South East Asia GGMR

  South East Asia GGMR Aug.14, 2017 Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia Paul Anderson, General Manager South East Asia, and International Sales Manager   Vietnam The live weight pig price in Vietnam is on a roller coaster from a low VND 20,000/kg (USD 0.88/kg) in the north to VND 24,000/kg (USD 1.05/kg) in the south several

Genesus Global Market Report: Russia

  Russia Global Market Report August 08th 2017 Simon Grey General Manager Russia CIS and Europe.   The live pig price in Russia is 118 Roubles ($1.96) per kg. With only a small number of new farms coming on line at the moment and sanctions in place until at least January 2019 there is little to

Impact of Combining a Low Protein Diet and Oil Sprinkling on Odor and Dust Emissions of Swine Barns

    Author(s): Brown, J., Seddon, Y.M., Crowe, T., Widowski, T., Bergeron, R., Faucitano, L., Gonyou, H. Publication Date: May 23, 2012 Reference: 2011 PSC Annual Report Country: Canada   Summary: In Canada, pigs sometimes have to travel for long distances to get to market. An experiment was carried out to see what impacts these trips were having on

Calves are Susceptible to Infection With the Newly Emerged Porcine Deltacoronavirus

Archives of Virology, 2017, Volume 162, Number 8, Page 2357 Kwonil Jung, Hui Hu, Linda J. Saif Food Animal Health Research ProgramOhio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, The Ohio State UniversityWoosterUSA College of Animal Science and Veterinary MedicineHenan Agricultural UniversityZhengzhouChina   Fecal virus shedding, seroconversion and histopathology were evaluated in 3-7-year-old gnotobiotic

Moving a Group of 4 or 8 Animals is Preferred for Minimizing Stress

Current recommendations advise that pigs should be moved on farm in small groups of 5 or 6. However packing plants routinely move groups of 25-50 pigs with ease from lairage pens to the squeeze tub. One difference is in facility design. On farms, the alley is generally limited to the width of two pigs (approx. 0.6 m), whereas in

Influenza A Viruses of Human Origin in Swine, Brazil

Martha I. Nelson1 , Rejane Schaefer1, Danielle Gava, Maurício Egídio Cantão, and Janice Reis Ciacci-Zanella Author affiliations: Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA (M.I. Nelson); EMBRAPA Swine and Poultry, Concordia, Brazil (R. Schaefer, D. Gava, M.E. Cantão, J.R. Ciacci-Zanella)   Abstract The evolutionary origins of the influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus that caused the

Genesus Global Market Report: Canada – Summertime & the Living is Easy

  Canada – summertime & the living is easy Bob Fraser – Sales & Service, Genesus Ontario   Always reluctant to reference anything to do with the pork industry as easy; this is a game of inches and not for the faint of heart. One needs to fight for the nickels and dimes because

Genesus Global Technical Report: Russia Market Report

Russia Market Report August 2017 by Simon Grey – General Manager, Russia CIS and Europe   The pig Price in Russia continues to remain high at 116 Roubles ($1.93) per live kg. High profits of up to $100 per pig for effective producers continue!   In pig production, there are only 3 drivers of profit.

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