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The Importance of Nitrogen for Growth

After energy, protein is the second most expensive nutrient in swine rations but utilization tends to be low.  Retention of dietary nitrogen in pigs ranges from 30% to 60% of intake with much of this inefficiency the result of catabolism of excess amino acid/protein intake or unbalanced amino acid supply.  This catabolism represents an energetic

Discontinuing Tail Docking Is Not Always Easy

Tail docking has been banned in the European Union for several years. If there are problems with tail biting, producers are allowed to dock tails under the direction of a veterinarian. Tail docking continues to be widespread in the EU because of this provision. Some stakeholders argue that as long as producers follow the recommended

Strategies to Reduce Use of Zinc Oxide by Modulating Gut Microbiota in Pigs

Zinc (Zn) plays an important role in the metabolism of swine and as such is an essential trace element for growing pigs, according to Nutriad. Applying a sound SANACORE EN strategy can make a real difference for producers that want to limit the use of zinc oxide in pig feeds. Zinc deficiency may result in

Rice bran in weanling pig diets does not reduce growth performance Full fat or defatted

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Full fat or defatted rice bran can be included in weanling pig diets at up to 20 percent without negatively affecting growth performance. Inclusion of 10 percent full fat or defatted rice bran maximized average daily gain. Inclusion of 20 percent full fat rice bran maximized the gain to feed ratio. URBANA, Ill. – Research

Replacement of Acid Components in Pig Diets

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For nutritionists, there is sometimes when they are very stressed because the space in the feed is somehow limited: it always has to add up to 100%. They would like to have 110% because they want to add more vitamins, more premix, etc. There’s always a question: is there a way to make room in

Effect of genetics on handling and CO2 stunning of pigs

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Temple Grandin Assistant Professor Department of Animal Sciences Colarado State University Fort Collins, Colorado 80523, USA There are increasing problems in the U.S. with very excitable pigs which are difficult to handle at the slaughter plant. These pigs have been bred for rapid weight gain and leanness, but they often have very high levels of

The techniques for success, and the pitfalls for failure in detection of estrus in the breeding herd

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The procedures for detecting estrus in pigs are well known and for the most part are relatively straightforward. Yet, what is often very simple can become complicated by the realities of daily production at the farm. These realities often change the optimum conditions and the use of best procedures and ultimately alter the success of

Genesus Global Technical Report, Consumers and Pork Quality – Sensory Taste

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Chunyan Zhang, PhD Research Associate, University of Alberta/Genesus Inc.   Globally, pork is consumed in the largest proportion of all meat (40.1%), followed by poultry (34.1%), beef (21.0%) and finally sheep and goat meat (4.7%) (USDA, 2015). Consumers are the last and most important step in the pork chain, and satisfying their eating expectations is

What is MSP[RS]® Resistant Starch?

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MSP is a resistant starch (RS) that is highly fermentable by microbiota in the colon of swine.  RS has proven to mediate a large proportion of its growth and health benefits through actions of short chain fatty acid (SCFA) production.  MSP acts as an effective prebiotic and its absorbent properties will help ensure against bacteria,

Stimulating Exploratory Behavior in Piglets: Effects on Pre-Weaning Creep Consumption

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his study investigated whether pre-weaning creep consumption can be increased through stimulating exploratory behaviour in piglets, and whether this is best achieved through provision of enrichment (E) or through presentation of creep in a large shallow feeder. In order to examine differences between farms , studies were conducted at Prairie Swine Centre (PSC) as well

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