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Genesus Global Market Report, Mexico Hog Markets February 22nd 2018

Mexico’s Pork Market Fernando Ortiz –  fortiz@genesus.com   After two weeks surfing the Mexican pork market, talking with producers and packers, there are some relevant facts that allows us to subtract the following conclusions:   Price – The price has kept a sustained rise since 2012, reaching its peak in 2014. After this year the

Trend Moves to More Fat in Pork

Farmscape for February 20, 2018 Full Interview 5:58 Listen An Applied Meat Scientist with PIC North America says the trend toward reducing the level of fat in pork has reversed in order to improve eating quality. “Fat Quality and Composition in Finishing Pigs” was a topic of discussion at this year’s Manitoba Swine Seminar in

Hypor Libra: Greater Gains with Less Labor

The expression “time is money” is especially true for pork producers, because time and money are the two things that are always in short supply; or at least, they used to be. Thanks to the new Hypor Libra* (pronounced Libra Star) sow, which achieves excellence in piglet quality, mothering ability and sow longevity, producers can

Genesus Global Market Report, Canada – A Strange Marriage

Bob Fraser Sales & Service, Genesus Ontario bfraser@genesus.com The ties that bind. The marriage I am referring to is the increasingly strong one between the Quebec and Ontario pork industries. Quebec and Ontario may be separated by language and culture but bound by history and geography, Lower Canada and Upper Canada. Now in the last

Hypors Commitment to Quality Attracts Top Breeder

Last month, Hypor signed a long-term breeding contract with their new Great Grandparent (GGP) nucleus farm in France for their Hypor Large White. The farm (SCEA du Bois de Thiouzée) is owned by Bertrand Tirel, one of the best and most experienced nucleus breeders in the country. Tirel went looking for a cutting-edge company to

AGC Refresher- Pursuing the “Best” Animal

We’ve all heard the terms before: genotype, phenotype, heritability, repeatability, and now genomics. It’s easy to get lost in all this genetic lingo, and thus it can be helpful to get a refresher on the basics and build from there. The application of animal breeding and genetics has been ongoing for thousands of years starting

Genesus Global Market Report – China (Jan 2018)

By Lorne Tannas, General Manager China   As we welcome 2018, the year of the dog, the Chinese pork producer should be fairly optimistic.    I have been traveling around China talking to producers and some say the price is going up, and some say the price is going down.  To me, this is an

Hypor Libra* Raises Interest, Lowers Feed Costs

As the world’s most “prolificient” sow – the sum of prolific and efficient – the Libra* balances traits in  feed conversion and mothering ability to lower the feed cost per pig. “Producing more pork with less  feed requires a highly balanced animal,” says Hypor R&D Director Abe Huisman. The Hypor Libra* gives  you more of

Hypor Magnus earns top marks in Hickory Ridge Trial

Best pork; lowest cost. In any recipe for Total System Profitability, those are key ingredients. That may explain why the Hypor Magnus stole the show in a recent terminal sire trial at Hickory Ridge Research and Consulting against our biggest global competitor when it comes to the sire line. Converting less into more When it

Cherkizovo chooses Topigs Norsvin as genetic partner

Russian Cherkizovo Group has chosen Topigs Norsvin as their preferred genetic partner. This means that in the near future, all 90,000 sows will be produced with Topigs Norsvin genetics. TN70 product performance, the high quality of the genetic improvement program, the local presence in Russia, the support of breeding specialists, and the breeding infrastructure of

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