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Genesus Global Market Report – South East Asia, March 29th 2017

Global Market Report – South East Asia Paul Anderson, General Manager South East Asia Contact: paulanderson@genesus.com     Nguyen Van Hung, Genesus Technical Sales Manager for Vietnam, attended the Embassy of Canada roundtable meeting with the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC), on 28 February in Hanoi.  Tran Tuan Anh, the

Genesus Global Market Report, Russian Report

Market Report Russia March 2017 Simon Grey General Manager Russia, CIS, and Europe simongrey@genesus.com     Despite lent, when many Russians stop eating meat, the pig price remains good at 105 Roubles ($1.82) per kg live weight. With production cost for good producers around 65 Roubles ($1.12) per kg, profitability remains high. Interestingly, the price

Hypor and Gène-Alliance Celebrate Decades Together As Business Partners Offering Quebec Pork Producers the Best in Genetics

Hypor’s largest genetic distributor in Canada, Gène-Alliance Inc., is celebrating 20 years of genetic service in the Quebec pork market—home to more than 300,000 sows.  “Our lines are tailor made to meet the “Quebec Quality” classification grid, which enables our  producers to maximize their revenue,” says Gène-Alliance CEO Christian Blais.   Gène-Alliance runs its business under

Genesus Global Market Report, Canada – Ontario Pork Industry Profile

Bob Fraser – Sales & Service, Genesus Ontario bfraser@genesus.com     Ontario Pork Industry Stats from Ontario Pork website:   1,284 pork producers marketing 5.39 million hogs – 4.3% more than 2015 38.8% of producers market more than 3,000 hogs – up 2.5% rom 2015 35.6% of producers market between 500 and 3,000 hogs per

Genesus Global Market Report, Mexico Pork Market Report

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Mexico Pork Market Report Fernando Ortiz fortiz@genesus.com     Mexico, as a price taker from US prices, has experienced relatively unusual behavior over the last few months, with higher prices compared to its North American counterpart. However, during recent weeks the price has started to stabilize a few pesos lower than it was.   Some

Hypor and Farms World’s 10-Year Partnership Integral to Advancing Swine Genetics in Korea

More than 100 Hypor Kanto Duroc and Landrace and Large White pure line great grandparent (GGP) stock were imported to Korea in November last year as part of a decade-long partnership with Farms World GGP. “Strong partnerships, like Farms World, are one of Hypor’s strengths,” says Hypor Asia sales manager Bart Vercoulen. “We are continually

Genesus Global Market Report, USA Hog Markets

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USA Market Report Allan Bentley abentley@genesus.com     I don’t think I can recall this ever happening, but February hogs went off the board at $75 and change. Then, April became the lead month at a $5.00 discount.   June hogs are around $79 so it is a little tough to get excited about summer

Genesus Global Market Report: EU and Spanish Pork Markets

EU and Spanish Pork Markets Mercedes Vega General Director for Spain, Italy & Portugal mvega@genesus.com     In the Spanish market, 2017 seems to have started positively. We are now at prices above 2015 and 2016, and almost at the levels of 2014. The Mercolleida market price for last week closed at 1.182 € /

PIC announces acquisition of the genetic rights and an ongoing strategic partnership with Hermitage Genetics

Genus, a leading global animal genetics company, and Hermitage, one of the longest established pig breeding companies in Europe, are pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement to enter into a strategic partnership covering the supply of porcine genetics in several markets. PIC, Genus’s porcine division, will acquire the genetic rights and intellectual

Hypor Collaborates in New Research to Identify the Genetic Basis of Disease Resilient Pigs

New research that investigates the genetic ability for pigs to respond to disease challenges in a natural environment is underway thanks to the collaboration of Hypor, PigGen Canada, and a team of researchers from the Universities of Alberta, Guelph, Saskatchewan, Iowa State and the Centre de Dévelopement du Porc du Québec (CDPQ) “This is a

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