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U of Missouri: Piglets Might Unlock Keys to In Vitro Fertilization in Humans

  It is estimated that parents seeking to have children through in vitro fertilization (IVF) spend between $12,000 and $15,000 each session plus the cost of medications, which could average between $3,000 and $5,000. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri publishing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science have made a discovery

Genesus Global Market Report, USA

USA Market Report Allan Bentley Genesus Sales Representative USA   We have increased packing capacity coming up and that has been the talk of the industry. There has been sow expansion and will continue to see more as we fill this new capacity.   Looking forward I am very concerned that the industry has forgotten

Hypor Magnus Boar Scores High on Maple Leaf Foods’ Monthly Index Rankings

Pork producers that use the Hypor Magnus Duroc on their operations held 58 of the top 120 rankings on the Hams Marketing index for pigs shipped to Maple Leaf Foods in Brandon, Canada, during 2016. “Having so many of the top indexing farms using the Magnus is very significant,” says Hypor Sales Manager, Carl Esau.

New ISU Swine Geneticist Hopes to Help Improve Reproductive Efficiency in Industry

    Using genetics to improve reproductive performance and response to disease is a vital component of the future of the pork industry, and new Iowa State University animal scientist Nick Serão said he hopes his research will help with both areas. Serão began his position as assistant professor in swine genetics in March and

Genesus Global Market Report, EU and Spanish Pork Markets

EU and Spanish Pork Markets Mercedes Vega General Director for Spain, Italy & Portugal mvega@genesus.com   Spain is already at the top of EU exports at the end of April. It has become the largest pork exporter in the EU for the first time in history. Thus,  Germany that is until now was the one

Genesus Global Market Report

Paul Anderson General Manager South East Asia paulanderson@genesus.com Vietnam   The liveweight pig price remains low in Vietnam from VND 20,000/kg (USD 0.88/kg) in the north to VND 24,000/kg (USD 1.05/kg) in the south.   CJ buys Minh Dat, the Korean food giant CJ CheilJedang has acquired the meat and fish processing company Minh Dat

Balanced Breeding by Topigs Norsvin: 44% Less Piglets Under 1000 Grams

  In recent years, users of Topigs Norsvin genetics have experienced a clear drop in piglets with a birth weight below 1000 grams. Based on genotypic information, the percentage of piglets born with a weight below 1000 grams dropped by 44% between 2012 and 2016. In the same period litters became more uniform, the average

Topigs Norsvin Producer Profile: H&K Enterprise

    In 2010, Dr. Howard Hill was invited to speak at the Topigs Norsvin World Pork Event in Berlin, Germany. During that trip, Dr. Hill also visited the Topigs Norsvin Research Center and a number of Dutch swine farms. “The Topigs Norsvin researchers and research program impressed me – and so did the sow,”

New Hypor Libra* Sow Reduces Labor Costs, Increases Profitability

The new Hypor Libra* (pronounced Libra star) sow balances traits in piglet quality, mothering ability and sow longevity to increase the number of pigs that employees can manage and lower the labor costs from farrow to wean. “The cost for labor is one of the highest expenses on the farm—second only to feed and housing,

Genesus Global Market Report, Canada – Planting & Road Trip

Bob Fraser – Sales & Service, Genesus Ontario bfraser@genesus.com   Ontario has experienced like apparently large parts of North America what most producers would deem a “backward spring” at least from the experiences of the last number of years where we’ve come to believe corn is suppose to go in April. This spring has been

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