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Learn more about the SowChoice Systems™ ESF from Canarm

Put Canarm’s 80 years of livestock experience to work for you.  We’re combining your experience with ours to develop innovative new solutions for sow care. Learn more about the SowChoice Systems™ ESF, which delivers the best features of any sow feeder available, optimized for a humane environment. Built and serviced for extremereliability, it features all

Crystal Spring Hog Equipment: Bringing Quality, Innovation & Simplicity to the Hog Industry.

1 Crystal Spring Drive P.O. Box 10 Ste Agathe, MB R0G 1Y0 Canada 1.204.433.7178 phone 1.204.433.7540 fax info@cshe.com http://cshe.com In the early 1980s, we formed Crystal Spring Hog Equipment to leverage the expertise and ideas of the people in our Crystal Spring Hutterite community. The combination of a farming lifestyle, communal atmosphere and entrepreneurial spirit allowed

Pork Insight brought to you by the Prairie Swine Centre

Welcome to PorkInsight. Developed in response to address producer and industry needs for timely an accurate information related to pork production, PorkInsight is designed to help you find the information to help you fine-tune your operation. This site contains a review of scientific information consisting of Prairie Swine Centre publications including materials from Annual Research

Ropapharm- A natural alternative to Antibiotics

Welcome to Ropapharm  http://www.ropapharm.com/?lang=en We are an innovative company, which since 1994 has engaged in the development, production, and sale of animal feed supplements based on fully natural oregano essential oil.We were the first company in the world that started to develop animal feed supplements with oregano-oil as an active component and therefore, the worldwide

Genesus Genetics

Genesus Genetics has only one business and passion which is developing and providing quality swine genetics. Our only focus is delivering to our customers the best pigs in the world. It is simple; Your success is our success! Genesus Genetics is the world leader in hyper prolific gilts being produced from the largest registered purebred

MSP[RS]® Resistant Starch has a prebiotic effect for digestive health.

Please visit us on twitter: PrebioticMSP Also on Facebook:  Prebiotic Resistant Starch MSP® Resistant Starch has a prebiotic effect for digestive health. Excerpt from MSP Resistant Starch Advertorial: “It is well understood that the large intestine provides a chamber for the final phase of digestion in the pig.  Results have suggested that certain Short Chain

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