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Ecopiglet from Olmix

Hog producers understand the importance of ‘hitting the ground running’ when it comes to raising pigs, especially those working in the farrowing unit. Day one pig care is a hot topic, and is constantly being adjusted and improved upon. But what about the remaining ~20 days in the farrowing unit? With such a naïve immune

Marine algae to reduce the use of antibiotics in farming

As part of a partnership with Olmix Group, Inra researchers have shown that a compound extracted from green algae inhibited the growth of pathogenic bacteria in vitro and stimulated the production of immunity mediators by intestinal epithelial cells. This type of preparation could be used in livestock feed to improve animals’ resistance to infections and

Replacement of Acid Components in Pig Diets

For nutritionists, there is sometimes when they are very stressed because the space in the feed is somehow limited: it always has to add up to 100%. They would like to have 110% because they want to add more vitamins, more premix, etc. There’s always a question: is there a way to make room in

Genesus Global Technical Report, Consumers and Pork Quality – Sensory Taste

Chunyan Zhang, PhD Research Associate, University of Alberta/Genesus Inc.   Globally, pork is consumed in the largest proportion of all meat (40.1%), followed by poultry (34.1%), beef (21.0%) and finally sheep and goat meat (4.7%) (USDA, 2015). Consumers are the last and most important step in the pork chain, and satisfying their eating expectations is

Mitigating DON Through Optimal Use of Blood Plasma in Nursery Diets

    Previous research showed that nursery pigs fed deoxynivalenol (DON) contaminated diets supplemented with spray-dried porcine plasma (SDPP) had similar growth rate and feed intake as those consuming noncontaminated diets. In this study, two blocks of 100 weanling pigs were used to determine the optimal inclusion level of spray-dried bovine plasma(SDBP) required in nursery

Fermented Soybean Meal for Weaned Piglets

    Soybean meal contains a variety of anti-nutritional factors which limit its inclusion into the diets of young piglets. It has been shown that fermentation of soybean meal (fSBM) effectively removes trypsin inhibitors, oligosaccharides and phytic acid and improves digestibility of nutrients, including amino acids.  These improvements however, are not consistently observed (Song et al. 2010), and work

Genesus Global Market Report: China

China Market Report Nov 2016 Eurotier 2016 and the Chinese Pig Industry Alexander Kovachevich, GM China Area   Last week, Genesus was at Eurotier. The Genesus presence was split over two booths with our European partners, JSR Germany and Pork-Ex from Denmark.  Both booths were constantly busy with a flow of existing customers, new customers,

Preliminary results have shown that sows could tolerate temperature as low as 9 °C

    Conversion of gestation sow housing from stalls to group systems signifies a major shift for the recently revised Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs. One specific study at Prairie Swine Centre aimed to investigate management options that would take advantage of potential merits of group sow housing. One

How to Reduce Energy Costs in Group Sow Housing Systems

  Conversion of gestation sow housing from stalls to group systems has been mandated in the recently revised Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs, with all sow farms expected to adopt this practice by July 2024 (NFACC, 2014). As such, this study aimed to investigate management options that will take advantage of potential merits

Genesus Global Technical Report: Consumers and Pork Quality – Tenderness

  Chunyan Zhang, PhD Research Associate, University of Alberta / Genesus Inc.     For the pork industry, there is one common goal: to provide a cost competitive, wholesome, uniform and quality product to the consumer. The consumers` eating experience is a primary factor influencing their purchasing decision. Pork eating quality is mostly linked with

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