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Jim Long Pork Commentary, U.S. Market Update, March 20th 2017

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics The U.S. lean hog price is flat lining over the last couple weeks, hovering around $0.71/lb for 53-54% lean hogs.   Other Observations Iowa-Minnesota Average Hog Weight a week ago 281.9 lbs liveweight, down 1.5 lbs from a year ago (283.4 lbs). Tells us hogs are moving about

Mike Brumm Commentary, US relative cost of production, March 8th 2017

At the 2017 South Australia Pig Industry Day, Dr Roger Cambell recently compared the cost of production between several countries producing pork. His goal was to highlight why Australian producers have to be the best in the world at what they do if they expect to compete with foreign imports, etc. Rather than cite his

Jim Long Pork Commentary, U.S.D.A Pork in Storage Report, February 27th 2017

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics Record Low Belly Inventory   Last week, the USDA reported the inventory of pork bellies at the end of January at 14,014 (1,000 pounds), the lowest amount recorded since records began in 1957. This is down significantly from a year ago, when it was 60,698 (1,000 pounds). Record

Mike Brumm Commentary, Where do you get training? February 15th 2017

As I was driving to a producer meeting yesterday in central Iowa I had time to look back at my career in the pork industry. I realized that I’ve been giving presentations to producer groups for at least 40 years with my first presentations done while a graduate student at Purdue University. While our production

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, January 31st 2017

MORNING LIVESTOCK REPORT   Follow me on Twitter @denniscattle   Tuesday January 31, 2017   LEAN HOGS Yesterday appeared to be a consolidation type trade in hog futures, before moving higher in our opinion. The huge selling in LC likely contributed to a pause in the upward move in hogs. Cash was near steady with

Nancy Lidster from DNL Farms, Pig Scramble and Industry Standards, January 25th 2017

  I got a phone call last Friday night from a person who had happened upon my name on the internet. She expressed concern about a pig scramble that was held as part of a local rodeo, wanted to know my opinion, and wanted resource materials about appropriate handling of pigs. I referred her to the

Mike Brumm Commentary,Influenza season is here, January 18th 2017

The winter trade show season has begun. Last week was the South Dakota Pork Congress, to be followed by Minnesota this week, Iowa the following and Illinois on February 1. While these shows aren’t as big as they once were, they are still a major social event for the industry. For many employees of production

Scott Brown Weekly Livestock update from the University of Missouri, January 10th 2017

Some highlights from this week’s Weekly Livestock Market Update: * Livestock markets started 2017 off sideways.

Mike Brumm Commentary, While not a record, there are a lot of pigs on US farms, January 4th 2017

Last Friday’s USDA Hogs and Pigs report caught many by surprise with both the magnitude of corrections to previous reports and the size of the current inventory. US producers reported a December 1, 2016 inventory of 65,410,000 pigs. This is the largest on-farm December 1 inventory since 1979 when producers reported an inventory of 67,318,400

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, December 23 2016

  LEAN HOGS Open interest increased on the move higher yesterday. Total OI was up just over 1,800 cars. It’s fair to say the hogs, cash and cutout won’t break until or unless Mexico slows down their buying spree, which they haven’t. Weekly pork exports sales were down 52% from the 4-week average. However, sales

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