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Dr. Dave Kohl of Compeer Financial, Scenario Analysis Helps Turn “Cant’s” Into “Can Do’s”, August 23 2017

    Hi. I’m Dr. Dave Kohl professor emeritus agriculture economics at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia. Of course, we’d like to welcome you back to the MacroCLINIC. Today’s theme is, “Turning a Can’t Do into a Can Do.” Oftentimes when I’m out on the road working with agriculture producers, they will say, “Well, I can’t

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, Pork Margins Expected to Narrow, August 22 2017

  LEAN HOGS Cash was sloppy again yesterday with the late report confirming prices paid were down $1.50. The cutout was not lower but up .42 so the packer continues to operate at impressively handsome processing margins. Most, including me expect margins to narrow as two new plants come on-line over the next thirty days.

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, Hogs Prices Turn Down Sharply, August 17 2017

  LEAN HOGS Hogs failed below resistance and turned sharply lower. So the near term peak or high is in place with the market poised for a major downward correction. Fresh bellies were quoted sharply lower which hit the cutout hard and spooked the trade, no doubt. Certainly this is the time of year bellies

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, Long Liquidation Remains Key Feature in Live Cattle, August 10 2017

  LEAN HOGS Cash hog prices were slightly lower yesterday, quoted down .50. We’re looking for a firm tone to finish the week. Weights have not started increasing yet and numbers, so far, remain below both last week and last year. The cutout was down .37 which is meaningless. Bellies were firm and butts are moving

Mike Brumm Pork Economist, Miracle League, August 7 2017

    As many readers of this blog know, I retired as a Professor of Animal Science and Extension Swine Specialist from the University of Nebraska 11 years ago. We relocated to North Mankato, Mn in order to access the social services and life time care agencies in this community for our youngest daughter who

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial, Massive Swing Higher in Cash hogs, Swing Lower in Cutout, August 3 2017

  LEAN HOGS There was a large swing in the pork cutout from noon yesterday to the closing quotes. At noon hams, picnics and ribs were quoted slightly higher with bellies steady. On the close, however, all of these cuts including bellies were slightly lower. So the cutout went from up $1.50 to down $1.96.

Mike Brumm Economist Commentary, Summer Slaughter Weights, July 26 2017

    I keep 2 data sets on weekly US slaughter weights. One is the Iowa/S Minn/SDak data series of producer sold barrow and gilt live weight (NW_LS720) and the other is a weighted weekly average of all barrow and gilt carcass weights based on the LM_HG201 report. One of the questions this summer has

Mike Brumm Economist Commentary, Thoughts on Slaughter Weights, July 20 2017

Much has been written about the new slaughter plants in Iowa and Michigan that are expected to begin slaughtering pigs within 1-2 months. Of concern to producers is the large increase in the kept for market inventory in the June 1 USDA report associated with the start of these plants. Any mis-step in the start-up

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, Light Volume Rally in Both Cattle and Hogs, July 20

  LEAN HOGS Getting right to the chase, lean hogs rallied sharply yesterday as traders are becoming impressed with the inability of packers to break the cash. Indeed, at the moment they have very little incentive to back bids off severely. Margins are the best they’ve been since last fall and highly profitable. Cutout continues

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services Commentary, June 15, 2017

  Follow me on Twitter @denniscattle LEAN HOGS Cash was powerful strong yesterday, quoted up $2.00 to $3.00. Packers are behaving aggressively and they work to secure animals and preserve market share. The latest index stands at 8210 and moving higher. The cutout was up only .10 but that does not really tell the story.

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