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Assessing Trailer Cleanliness

Proper washing and disinfection of swine transport trailers is an important step in maintaining biosecurity. Research projects have shown visual inspection of trailers is not a reliable assessment. While traditional microbiological culture method can be used, they involve the use of plated media which need to be incubated and analyzed to obtain the level of

Genesus Global Technical Report, Strategies to maximize long-term genetic gain in the genomic era

  Dinesh Thekkoot PhD Genomic selection (GS) is a new method for improving economic traits in animal populations by utilizing information from molecular markers, phenotypes and pedigree. This method provides the opportunity to estimate the breeding values of selection candidates more accurately and much earlier in life and for traits that are difficult to measure

Detection and Differentiation of PCV3 from PCV2a, PCV2b and the Highly Prevalent PCV2d Mutant Strains

Principal Investigator: Jianfa Bai Institution: Kansas State University Industry Summary: The newly identified porcine circovirus 3 (PCV3) is causing problems in swine similar to that caused by porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2). Yet the PCV3 genome shares little similarity to the PCV2 genome. One objective of this study was to develop a molecular diagnostic assay that

Moving Market Hogs Effectively

The objective of one specific study at Prairie Swine Centre was to examine the interaction between group size and alley width on the ease and speed of movement of near-market pigs. Pigs were moved in different group sizes through a three-sided simulated handling course, in which alley width could be changed. Data was collected on

Genesus Global Technical Report, Whole Carcass Pork Quality

Whole Carcass Pork Quality Bob Kemp, VP Genetic Programs and R&D, Genesus Inc   As most industry participants know, the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service is seeking comment on the proposed changes to the standards of pork carcass grades (https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2017/10/23/2017-22934/united-states-standards-for-grades-of-pork-carcasses) . There will be different opinions on the value of these proposed changes, especially as it

Investigating ventilation system requirements for a sow gestation barn converted to group housing

Computer simulation was utilized to assess the performance of different ventilation system configurations needed for a sow gestation barn newly-converted to group housing. Various configurations of the ventilation system involving varying capacities and locations of exhaust fans as well as size, design and location of air inlets, were examined based on indoor air quality (i.e.,

Research Finds ADM’s CitriStim® Enhances Sow Reproductive Performance

Field studies suggest increased income potential for swine producers utilizing CitriStim ADM Animal Nutrition™, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), today announced new product performance milestones for CitriStim®, a proprietary, whole cell, inactivated yeast currently used in more than 500 ADM feed formulations for livestock, poultry, aquaculture, and swine. Field studies recently

Breeding Pigs for Increased Natural Disease Resistance

  Background Disease resistance is the ability of a host to resist infection or exert control over the life cycle of a pathogen. There is evidence of genetic variation in response to disease for nearly every disease in livestock that has been thoroughly studied, supporting the utility of genomic selection to identify and breed livestock

Genesus Global Market Report: South East Asia Market

  South East Asia Market Paul Anderson, General Manager South East Asia , Genesus Inc ​paulanderson@genesus.com.   Thailand   Pig price in Thailand is THB 58/kg (USD 1.7) in early October. The price is forecast to get lower. Consumption is slow in the month because of school vacation and the vegetable festival later in the

Genesus Technical Report: What Does Optimal FCR Really Mean?

  What does optimal FCR really mean? Derek Petry, Ph.D. – Genesus Inc.    As a genetic supplier, one of the first topics discussed in any meeting is feed conversion ratio (FCR).  While a very easy value to calculate, it is important to know the relationship between FCR and profitability. There are numerous factors that

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