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Mike Brumm Commentary, Monthly checklists, May 24th 2017

I’m often asked for checklists that can help employees and barn owners keep up on the little things that make a ventilation system successful in meeting the moisture and heat removal goals that the system was designed for. I ran across the following in my files today as an example of what a monthly list

Weekly Livestock Market Update with Scott Brown from the University of Missouri, May 22nd 2017

Some highlights from this week’s Weekly Livestock Market Update: •Fed cattle were down for the week coming off of very high prices a couple of weeks ago. We are down for the week on feeder cattle $1 to $4 , feeder calves were steady to $3 lower. Choice beef cutout was up over $4 this

Wanda Schott Patsche Pork Producer Commentary, Life Before GMO’s, May 18th 2017

Yesterday I had the honor of being interviewed by Minnesota Public Radio. The subject of the interview is how agriculture has changed over the years, specifically technology changes. I was chosen because my family has been farming for many years. In fact, we are in the midst of planting our 39th crop.  So yes, I

Mike Brumm Commentary, Are there too many pig barns? May 17th 2017

This weekend I drove from Mankato to eastern South Dakota. Lots of planters in the field and it appears that a majority of the corn in southern Minnesota is in the ground. It’s been wetter in eastern South Dakota so more evidence of corn still being planted. By the time of my return on Sunday

Weekly Livestock Market Update with Scott Brown from the University of Missouri, May 15th 2017

Some highlights from this week’s Weekly Livestock Market Update: •Market recap through Thursday’s close: It’s been a pretty good week in the hog market. Hogs ended the week up about $4.50 through Thursday’s close. Pork cutout was up $4.37, with strength across the board and added help from stronger belly prices. Cattle were down about

Wanda Schott Patsche Pork Producer Commentary, Top 5 Myths About GMO Foods, May 11th 2017

It seems everywhere I turn, I am constantly reading about how GMOs (genetically modified organism) are going to be the death of civilization. Or at least close to it. Let’s examine five myths about GMO foods. First, let’s start with what GMO technology is. The term GMO is most commonly used to refer to crop plants

Mike Brumm Commentary, Canadian vs US sow herd productivity, May 10th 2017

A few weeks ago I reviewed the MetaFarms 2016 wean-finish growth data. Today I want to take a look at MetaFarms comparison of Canadian vs US sow herd productivity for 2016. The MetaFarms sow performance data for 2016 is based on data for 613.8 thousand females (10.3% of the June 1, 2016 USDA estimated breeding

Why and How to Leverage Farm Management Tools, By: Ahnna Compart, Sr. Financial Analyst AgStar Financial Services

As a business analyst, I work with a wide array of farm clients. Some are younger and less experienced. Others have been in the business for decades. Many top producers, regardless of size or experience, seem to have a few things in common. They have established operational goals, they surround themselves with a trusted circle

Mike Brumm Commentary, 4 months of VFD experience, May 2nd 2017

This weekend marks 4 months since medically important antibiotics could only be added to swine diets with a VFD (Veterinary Feed Directive). The past 2 days I was at a national sales meeting for a nutrition supplier to the US industry and the experiences of mills and sales people with the VFD’s was a topic

5 Opportunities to Control and Prevent Scours in Farrowing, Scott VanderPoel, DVM Pipestone Veterinary Services

Scours can be a difficult and chronic issue within a farrowing barn. Not only does it affect the health and growth of the pig, but it also can be detrimental to people who work in the farms daily. For this article, I will not be talking about treatments for scours, but rather potential areas of

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