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Nuscience launches next phase of Biotica innovation drive for Canadian market

New specialty market approval, scientific forum discussion and broadened adoption are all rapidly taking shape for the Nuscience elite level feed technology platform in Canada, available under the Biotica product brand via strategic marketing partnership with Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.).   The advances come as Nuscience, a member of the Royal Agrifirm Group, launches

Genomic Selection Offers Promise for Identifying Disease Resilience

Farmscape for April 23, 2018 Full Interview 18:01 Listen A professor of livestock genomics with the University of Alberta says the elusive trait of disease resilience in livestock can be more easily identified by through th e use of genomics.Scientists  working in partnership with Swine Innovation Porc are developing new tools which use genomics enable

Farmers Encouraged to Engage Consumers with Conversation Rather then Data

Farmscape for April 20, 2018 Full Interview 9:29 Listen The Director of Public and Industry Affairs with Monsanto Canada suggests those involved in food production need to focus mo re on conversation and less on data when engaging with the non farming public.The tools used by modern agriculture to meet an expanding demand for food

Federal Provincial Funding Contributes to Improved Animal Welfare

Farmscape for April 17, 2018 Full Interview 8:43 Listen The Saskatchewan Pork Development Board reports over 100 Saskatchewan swine operations took advantage of finding made available under Growing Forward 2 to purchase equ ipment to improve swine welfare.Under the Saskatchewan Swine Welfare Program Sask atchewan pork producers were eligible to receive up to four thousand

Pork Producers Expected to Accelerate Transition to Canadian Pork Excellence

Farmscape for April 16, 2018 Full Interview 5:45 Listen The Manager of Quality Assurance and Animal Care Programs with Manitoba Pork expects many of Canada’s pork producers to accelerate their transition to Canadian Pork Excellence.Producer manua ls for the PigSAFE and PigCARE components of Canad ian Pork Excellence are now being printed and will be

Hot topics drive agenda for Canada’s leading animal nutrition conference

There is still time to register for the 2nd Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada May 2-3 in Edmonton How can new science-based knowledge and innovation help Canada’s feed industry build a successful future? What impact will a major regulatory overhaul have on the sector? How will feed industry participants transition to impending new rules which

PED Remains Top Issue on Minds of Manitoba Pork Producers

Farmscape for April 10, 2018 Full Interview 7:28 Listen The Chair of Manitoba Pork says containing an outbreak of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea that struck the southeastern part of the province one year ago is an example of all stakeholders com ing together in a concerted effort for the successful handling of a bad situation.An outbreak

PED Infected Manitoba Swine Sites Down From 80 to 4

Farmscape for April 9, 2018 Full Interview 6:25 Listen Manitoba Pork reports all but four of the 80 Manitoba swine sites infected during a 2017 Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea outbreak have now reached or  are close to reaching a presumptive negative status.A total of 80 swine premises across southeastern Manitoba were affected by a Porcine Epidemic

Trust and Transparency Key to Earning Canadian Grocery Consumer Loyalty

Farmscape for April 9, 2018 Full Interview 6:38 Listen The Chair of the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute says trust and tran sparency are key to earning the loyalty of Canadian consumers at the retail grocery level.The Canadian grocery market is estimated to be worth 110 billion dollars.Jo hn Scott, the Chair of the Canadian Agri-Food

Solid Reputation Combined with New Trade Agreements Create New Opportunities for Canadian Agriculture

Farmscape for April 4, 2018 Full Interview 8:18 Listen Farm Credit Canada says Canada’s reputation as a reliable supplier of safe high quality food along with new trade a greements are creating new opportunities for Canadian agriculture.”Future Of Processing In Ontario and North America” was discussed last week during the 2018  London Swine Conference.Craig Klemmer,

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