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Budget Proposal Another Blow to Family Farmers

The White House today released its proposed fiscal year (FY) 2019 budget. Over the next decade, the $4.4 trillion budget would severely cut many programs that family farmers and ranchers and rural Americans rely on, including $48.6 billion from Farm Bill programs, $3.7 billion from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), $213 billion from the

Genesus Global Market Report – USA, February 6th 2018

Market Report USA Allen Bentley, Sales Representative, Genesus Inc.     Cash hogs are approaching $60 live, in February, I don’t think even Punxsutawney Phil saw that coming.   Dressed values around $72 base prices are narrowing up the basis, this is unusual for this time year historically. The actual basis is more in line

CPTPP Expected to Influence NAFTA Renegotiation

Farmscape for January 31, 2018 Full Interview 7:51 Listen The Vice-President of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute expects news that Canada and Mexico along with nine other nations have reached agreement on a multilateral trade package to result in increased pressure from U.S. agriculture for a successful NAFTA renegotiation. On Monday representatives of Canada, the

Strong Pork Demand Key to Stable Hog Markets Heading for Spring

Farmscape for January 24, 2018 Full Interview 8:39 Listen H@ms Marketing Services says continued strong demand for pork will be a key factor influencing hog markets moving toward spring. After a brisk recovery following the holidays U.S. cash hog markets have settled into a more steady trend. Tyler Fulton, the Director of Risk Management with

Prevtec Microbia Receives Market Authorization from USDA For Coliprotec® F4 Up

Up to CAD$10 million in Financing Secured from a Large Canadian Investment Fund Prevtec Microbia Inc. (“Prevtec”) is pleased to announce that it has received a market authorization from the Centre for Veterinary Biologics U.S. of the Department of Agriculture (USDA-CVB) to commercialize its vaccine Coliprotec® F4 in the US, a front line product against

Organic pig breeders can beneficially switch genetics

New research points to the possibility that organic pig production may benefit from using parent animals that give birth to fewer but larger pigs than those currently being offered by the Danish firm DanAvl, whose lines have been tailored to intensive indoor production. A study under organic production conditions showed that dams from Topigs Norsvin’s

USDA Issues: “Livestock, Dairy And Poultry Outlook” Report

Source: USDA news release To view the complete report, click here. The Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook for December 2017 analyzes economic impacts on animal product markets of month-to-month changes in USDA’s World Agricultural Supply and Use Estimates.

CIH’s Hog Margin Watch Report for December 1-15, 2017

Margins were steady to slightly higher over the first half of December as lower trade in both the hog and feed markets roughly offset one another. Hog margins remain above average from a hi storical perspective through the first half of 2018 , with the best forward margin opportunity currently in Q2 and projected profitability

Adisseo Acquires Feed Additive Producer Nutriad

Bluestar Adisseo Co. announced Dec. 12 the acquisition of Nutriad, a global feed additive producer. This transaction is part of Adisseo’s strategy to become one of the worldwide leaders of specialty additives in animal nutrition. Nutriad, a multinational company headquartered in Dendermonde, Belgium, operates four laboratories and five plants located in Belgium, Spain, the U.K.,

Lower than Projected Numbers Steady Slaughter Hog Prices

Farmscape for December 12, 2017 Full Interview 7:42 Listen The Director of Risk Management with hams Marketing Services says lower than projected slaughter hog supplies have helped maintain steady live hog prices. Over the past couple of years the largest hog slaughter in the U.S. has come in mid to late December. Tyler Fulton, the

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