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NPPC Joins Ports Coalition on Contract Extension Letter

  NPPC last week signed onto a letter from the Ports Coalition, of which it is a member, applauding the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) for agreeing to early discussions on a contract extension that will allow ports on the West Coast to operate without interruption. PMA provided ILWU

Withdraw ‘GIPSA’ Rule, Say NPPC, Pork Producers

  The National Pork Producers Council in comments submitted Monday again urged the U.S. Department of Agriculture to withdraw a regulation related to the buying and selling of livestock. It also delivered to the agency comments from 630 pork producers and others in the pork industry, opposing the regulation and asking that it be withdrawn.

USDA: Rural Counties Would Gain Jobs from Increased Demand for Agricultural Exports

  U.S. agricultural exports support about 1.1 million full-time, civilian jobs, according to 2017 ERS estimates (based on 2015 data). A recent ERS study considered how U.S. employment might be affected if the demand for these exports increased even further. To find out, ERS researchers used a computational model of the U.S. economy to explore

Higher Volumes of Pork Make Access to Export Markets Increasingly Important

Full Interview 7:08 Listen Farmscape for June 15, 2017 The Vice-President Pork Analysis with EMI Analytics says the higher volumes of pork being produced in the U.S. will make access to export markets increasingly important.   High U.S. slaughter hog numbers last fall stretched U.S. pork processing capacity to the limited but, since the fall,

NPPC Calls for Protection of Existing and Creation of New Free Trade Agreements

Full Interview 9:56 Listen Farmscape for June 14, 2017 The President of the National Pork Producers Council is calling on the U.S. to maintain and protect existing free trade agreements and to create new bilateral free trade agreements. The National Pork Producers Council has credited exports for allowing the U.S. pork indistry to move the

Market Access Key to Success of U.S. Pork Industry

  Full Interview 9:56 Listen Farmscape for June 13, 2017 The President of the National Pork Producers Council says, with near record volumes of protein being produced in the United States, access to export markets will be critical to the continued success of the U.S. pork industry.   Trade was one of the top issues

NPPC Calls for Withdrawal of GIPSA Rule

Full Interview 4:16 Listen Farmscape for June 13, 2017 The National Pork Producers Council has renewed its call for the Trump administration to withdraw the GIPSA rule, a regulation related to the buying and selling of livestock in the United States.   The National Pork Producers Council, in comments submitted yesterday on an interim final

Secure Pork Program Information Expected by Year End

  Full Interview 7:56 Listen Farmscape for June 12, 2017 The Director of Swine Health Programs with the National Pork Board says the implementation guide for a new foreign animal disease response program will be available to U.S. pork producers by the end of this year.   The U.S. pork industry’s Secure Pork Supply Plan

World Pork Expo 2017 an International Success

    Approximately 20,000 U.S. pork producers and other pork enthusiasts, including more than 1,000 guests from locations outside the United States, gathered in Des Moines, Iowa, this week for NPPC’s annual World Pork Expo. NPPC President Ken Maschhoff, President-Elect Jim Heimerl and NPPC board member Kraig Westerbeek opened the world’s largest pork-specific trade show

U.S., Mexico Sugar Deal Bodes Well for NAFTA ‘Modernization’

  U.S. and Mexican negotiators this week reached a deal in principle related to imports of sugar from Mexico, a development that bodes well for future talks on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. In a statement issued Monday, NPPC praised Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and his team for reaching the deal, which addresses

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