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High Fiber Diets for Swine

Feed cost represents more than 60% of the variable cost of swine production and a major part of the feed cost is to ensure that pigs have adequate energy and protein supply to reach their optimum potential in terms of the production goals. Corn, wheat, barley, and soybean meal have been the most widely used

June hogs in sideways mode

Support – this term refers to a trend line or price area under the market which is expected to hold the market from potential decline. Resistance– a price area or trend line above the market that is expected to prevent or stall price increases. Trend lines and channels – these long lines outline an established

Family Farm Sizes Increase but Values Remain Constant

Farmscape for April 13, 2018 Full Interview 9:39 Listen The Communications and Special Events Manager with Farm and Food Care says, while farms have become bigger, the values of what it means to be part of a  family farm have not changed.Farm and Food Care was created to sp eak on behalf of the two

Expected New Export Opportunities in Japan Cause for Increased Optimism

Farmscape for April 12, 2018 Full Interview 7:31 Listen The Chair of the Canadian Pork Council says the confidence Japanese customers have in the quality of Canadian pork combined with greater freedom to move product into that country creates new o pportunities for growth in that market.Last month, in recognition of Canada and Japan’s particip

New PEDv Test Expected to Speed Up Turn Around and Cut Costs

Farmscape for April 6, 2018 Full Interview 13:20 Listen The Chief Operating Officer with Aquila Diagnostic Systems says an of farm analysis being developed to identify the presence of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus will shorten the turn around time while cutting the cost of the test. Aquila Diagnostic Systems, in partnership with Swine Innovation Porc,

Awareness of Issue of Mental Health on the Farm Builds

Farmscape for April 3, 2018 Full Interview 12:34 Listen An Associate Professor with the University of Guelph says awareness of the issue of farmer mental health is higher than ever.”The Human Sid e: Stress and Mental Well-Being On Farm” was among the topics discussed last week as part of the 2018 London Swine Conference.Dr. Andria

AGC Refresher – G x E Interactions

– G × E Interactions –   The last AGC Refresher article ended with a warning to consider system interactions when pursuing the “best” animal. Before we explore this further, let’s first go back and make sure we understand some key concepts. Phenotype is a term that geneticists often use, but isn’t very common in

2018 London Swine Conference Audio Special, March 29th 2018

2018 London Swine Conference Audio Special for March 29, 2018 -Dr. John Patience, a Professor in Applied Swine Nutrition with Iowa State University, delivered the CFM De Lange Lecture, “Innovative Diet Formulation Arising From External Pressures On Our Industry.” Dr. John Patience 13:04 Listen -Trish Jordan, the Public -and Industry Affairs Director with Monsanto, discusses

Agricultural Employers Advised to Know Their Employment Regulations that Apply to Them

Farmscape for March 29, 2018 Full Interview 6:26 Listen A Stratford, Ontario labor lawyer warns agricultural employers need to know the labor laws that apply to them and take pre-empti ve action to ensure compliance.”Workplace Regulations: What  Will It Cost?” was among the topics discussed yesterday as part of the 2018 London Swine Conference.Katie DeBlock

2018 London Swine Conference Audio Special

2018 London Swine Conference Audio Special for March 28, 2018 -Amy Matheson, the Communications and Special Events Manager with Farm and Food Care, discusses “Telling Your Story.” Amy Matheson 9:39 Listen   -Teresa Van Raay, with Van Raay Farms at Dashwood, Ontario, discusses “So You’ve Had A Bad Day?” Feature Runs: 6:16 Teresa Van Raay

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