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Modified TPP Offers Opportunity to Maintain and Expand Pacific Market

Farmscape for November 20, 2017 Full Interview 5:25 Listen The Canadian Meat Council says a modified Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement offers tremdous potential for growth in Canada’s red meat exports. Representatives of 11 of the 12 original Trans-Pacific Partnership member nations have been working to salvage an agreement since the United States withdrew in

Free Range Production Compromises Food Safety

Farmscape for November 17, 2017 Full Interview 7:02 Listen A Veterinary Pathologist with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine says the move to boutique style free range livestock production compromises the superior level of food safety that has been achieved as a result of modern livestock housing. “Zoonotic Diseases,” were discussed this week as part

Unresolved Trade Issues Biggest Risk Factor for North American Pork Producers

Farmscape for November 16, 2017 Full Interview 7:58 Listen The Vice President Pork Analysis with EMI Analytics says unresolved trade issues are the biggest risk factor on the horizon for North American pork producers. As negotiations aimed at modernizing the North American Free Trade Agreement continue, a growing number of agricultural interests in the United

Canadian Meat Council Applauds Progress in Pacific Rim Trade Discussions

Farmscape for November 13, 2017 Full Interview 5:30 Listen The Canadian Meat Council is applauding progress in efforts to reach a new 11 nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement. Representatives of 11 of the 12 original Trans-Pacific Partnership member nations have been working to salvage an agreement since the United States withdrew in January. Negotiators

Resurrected TPP Offers Important Opportunity for Canadian Pork

Farmscape for November 10, 2017 Full Interview 4:56 Listen The Chair of Manitoba Pork is calling on Manitoba’s political leaders to demonstrate their support for a resurrected Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement. On behalf of the province’s pork industry the Chair of Manitoba Pork has sent letters to Premier Brian Pallister and Manitoba’s 14 Members

Quality Based Grading Expected to Set New Pork Quality Standard

Farmscape for November 10, 2017 Full Interview 8:04 Listen Canada Pork International says Quality Based Meat Grading offers an opportunity to earn greater premiums in specialized markets. Canada Pork International, in partnership with Swine Innovation Porc, is developing a pork grading system focused on meat quality attributes such as meat color, texture and intramuscular marbling.

Modernization of Pork Industry Reduces Risk Transfer of Zoonotic Disease

Farmscape for November 9, 2017 Full Interview 7:23 Listen A Saskatoon based Veterinary Pathologist says, thanks to the modernization of the pork industry, the risk of a human contracting any disease from a pig is extremely low. Zoonotic diseases are diseases that can be tracked between two different species and will be among the topics

Identification, Treatment and Prevention of Shoulder Lesions in Sows

Shoulder lesions are most commonly observed in sows during the weeks following farrowing. Long periods of lying combined with poor body condition can increase the likelihood of sows developing shoulder sores. The prevalence of shoulder lesions varies greatly depending on farm and sow factors, with anywhere from 10 to 50% of sows being affected. Shoulder

Canadian Meat Council Urges Ottawa to Support 11 Member TPP

Farmscape for November 6, 2017 Full Interview 6:02 Listen The Canadian Meat Council is calling on Ottawa to do all it can to accelerate the implementation of an 11 member Trans-Pacific Partnership. In its submission to public consultations on Canada’s discussions with the remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Canadian Meat Council is calling

Employee Orientation Key to Success in Retaining Workers

Farmscape for October 26, 2017 Full Interview 13:17 Listen A retired extension educator in workforce management says, as livestock operations look more to non-traditional sources of labor, the integration of new employees into the workforce is becoming an increasing important consideration. “Giving New Employees a Successful Start” will be discussed as part of Saskatchewan Pork

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