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Genesus Technical Report: What Does Optimal FCR Really Mean?

  What does optimal FCR really mean? Derek Petry, Ph.D. – Genesus Inc.    As a genetic supplier, one of the first topics discussed in any meeting is feed conversion ratio (FCR).  While a very easy value to calculate, it is important to know the relationship between FCR and profitability. There are numerous factors that

The Importance of Mycotoxin Risk Management

  Mycotoxins aren’t new to anyone in the grain and livestock sector. Yet the prevalence of mycotoxins in grain sources varies each year, making it difficult to manage mycotoxin risk without a comprehensive plan. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has classified mycotoxins as a hazard, which means they will need to be addressed as

Genesus Global Market Report: Canada––Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

  Canada – Slow and Steady wins the Race? Bob Fraser – Sales & Service, Genesus Ontario   StatsCan recently released its July 1st hog inventory report. It placed total inventory of all hogs at 14.1 million head up 2% from a year ago. The market hog inventory was up 2% while the sow

Danger!: 500+ Mycotoxins Putting Your Pigs at Risk

What are mycotoxins? Mycotoxins are natural substances produced by molds in the field and during the storage of grains, feeds and forages. With over 500 diverse types of mycotoxins discovered (yes, there are over 500!), it is a prevalent issue that can negatively affect your herd’s productivity, efficiency and profitability. How do mycotoxins affect your herd? Pigs are extremely

Genesus Global Market Report: Mexican Pork Market

  Global Market Report ​Mexican Pork Market Fernando Ortiz-Hermida – Genesus Ibero-American Business Development   The Mexican pork market has been strengthened over the course of the current year. Despite having a slight decrease in the Easter season, which is normal due to a lower red meat consumption, the market has recovered its pace

Genesus Global Market Report: USA Market

  USA Market Allen Bentley, Genesus Inc.   Seaboard Triumph Foods new Sioux City Plant is open for business. As with any start-up it will have a bumpy start. We need to pay attention to exports as we are ramping up production and slaughter 10-12%.   That is a large step and the only

How Has Selection for Residual Feed Intake (RFI) Affected the Grow-Finish Pig’s Ability to Cope With Stress?

Introduction Feed is the largest cost in pork production; therefore, improving feed efficiency can increase producer profitability. Furthermore improved feed efficiency can support industry competitiveness, decrease the demand on global feed resources, and complement environmental sustainability. Genetically, selective breeding for residual feed intake (RFI) shows promise in meeting these increased demands. However, it is important

Study Finds Disinfectant Inactivates PEDV in Freezing Temperatures

Pork producers now have another tool to combat Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV): accelerated hydrogen peroxide® (AHP®) disinfectant, sold under the brand name Accel®. A recent Pork Checkoff-funded study at Iowa State University found the disinfectant inactivates PEDV even in the presence of feces found in swine trailers. A real key to the study was

Genesus Global Market Report: South East Asia GGMR

  South East Asia GGMR Aug.14, 2017 Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia Paul Anderson, General Manager South East Asia, and International Sales Manager   Vietnam The live weight pig price in Vietnam is on a roller coaster from a low VND 20,000/kg (USD 0.88/kg) in the north to VND 24,000/kg (USD 1.05/kg) in the south several

Genesus Global Technical Report: Russia Market Report

Russia Market Report August 2017 by Simon Grey – General Manager, Russia CIS and Europe   The pig Price in Russia continues to remain high at 116 Roubles ($1.93) per live kg. High profits of up to $100 per pig for effective producers continue!   In pig production, there are only 3 drivers of profit.

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