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Genesus Technical Report – New Research in Population Health

  New Research in Population Health Nick Boddicker, PhD In February we attended the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production. This conference is held every 4 years and is one of the most informative conferences for livestock geneticists to attend. The conference covers many different topics, including genetics of disease. Genesus is an

Breeding sows without CD163 gene might ultimately eliminate PRRS virus

Read more articles on Pig Health Today Sows without the CD163 gene are not only resistant to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus, they also give birth to healthy, normal piglets — a finding that could ultimately lead to elimination of a devastating disease, researchers say.  In their study, the researchers demonstrated that the absence of CD163 in the sow is sufficient to protect the fetus from PRRS. Piglets from these sows may still be susceptible

Genesus Global Technical Report, Inbreeding: Not all Gloom and Doom

Pius B. Mwansa, PhD, Genesus Inc.   As a process, mating of individuals that are related is defined as inbreeding.   Strictly speaking, all animals in a breed or population are related since most breeds were founded by a small number of animals. However, in practice inbreeding is thought of as mating of animals that

Ileal digestibility of amino acids and starch in hybrid rye compared with other cereal grains fed to pigs

Hybrid rye is grown in Europe, Canada, and the United States, and compared with conventional rye, it has increased yields and reduced risk of ergot contamination, making it an interesting ingredient in the feeding of pigs. However, there is limited information about the nutritional value of hybrid rye when fed to pigs. Therefore, the objective

Using creep feeding as a strategy to improve post weaning feed intake and piglet growth

Overall, the provision of creep feed for 5 days prior to weaning had no effect on weaning weights or growth rate from day 21 to weaning, however, modest effects were observed on piglet growth rate in the nursery. Interestingly, within the creep treatment, it was the lighter piglets which took advantage of the creep feed,

Function and Benefits regarding MSP[RS] Resistant Starch

MSP® Resistant Starch Advertorial The swine industry continues to look at and evaluate alternative ways to control and manage the microbial ecosystem to insure a sustainable, environmentally friendly approach to pork production. A most promising method is the modulation of the gut microflora in pigs including, but certainly not limited to selected bacteria to inoculate

Genesus Global Technical Report, Strategies to maximize long-term genetic gain in the genomic era

  Dinesh Thekkoot PhD Genomic selection (GS) is a new method for improving economic traits in animal populations by utilizing information from molecular markers, phenotypes and pedigree. This method provides the opportunity to estimate the breeding values of selection candidates more accurately and much earlier in life and for traits that are difficult to measure

Efficiency of Energy Utilization by Growing Pigs

Feeding pigs specific diets based on potential growth rate as determined by growth rate in the nursery may decrease variability in grow-out and finishing. In our study, however, pigs separated into slow, average or fast potential growth rates by determining growth rate in the nursery had comparable growth rates, feed intake and rates of protein

Duration of Senecavirus A Shedding From Clinically Affected and Non-affected Sows and Piglets After a Breeding Herd Infection

Project Title and SHIC Project Identification Number: Duration of Senecavirus A shedding from clinically affected and non -affected sows and piglets after a breeding herd infection. (SHIC Project # 15 -206) Principal Investigation: Dr. Chris Rademacher (; 515-294-8792) Institution: Iowa State University Industry Summary: This study was designed to evaluate the length of shedding of

Genesus Global Technical Report, Big Data

By Nick Boddicker, Ph.D. Geneticist   Data collection and interpretation is a critical part to a swine genetics breeding program. Without data and its interpretation, genetic progress cannot be made. As technology evolves the ability to collect new data emerges, and a successful breeding company will capitalize on these new technologies. Furthermore, as technology evolves,

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