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Genesus Global Technical Support, Biosecurity – Bio-Management

Biosecurity – Bio-Management Joe Rogowsky DVM   When someone mentions biosecurity, the first thought that comes to mind is preventing the entry of a new pathogen or “bio-exclusion.” However, biosecurity also includes managing the pathogens already on the farm or “bio-management,” and here are some thoughts on that topic.   When sorting out a health

Michigan State University research and extension teams focus on pig aggression – Part 2

Michigan State University research and extension teams focus on pig aggression – Part 2 to the nature of pig production systems, pigs may have to be re-grouped at various stages, for example, entering the nursery stage, the feeder/finisher stage, at transport and/or immediately before slaughter. Vigorous fighting associated with re-grouping events can cause injury, stress,

Replacement of Acid Components in Pig Diets

For nutritionists, there is sometimes when they are very stressed because the space in the feed is somehow limited: it always has to add up to 100%. They would like to have 110% because they want to add more vitamins, more premix, etc. There’s always a question: is there a way to make room in

Does the Inclusion of Lyso-Lecithin (Lecired) Improve the Growth of Newly Weaned Pigs?

The newly weaned piglet is abruptly transferred from a liquid milk diet, containing about 8% fat to a dry diet with approximately 5% fat. Moreover, fat digestibility of milk fat by the suckling pig approaches 95% while the digestion of dietary fat by the piglet shortly after weaning is only about 75% (cited by Price

Antimicrobial Resistance of Faecal Escherichia coli Isolates from Pig Farms with Different Durations of In-feed Antimicrobial Use

By: J.F. Gibbons, F. Boland, J. Egan, S. Fanning, B.K. Markey, F.C. Leonard First published: 10 September 2015 Antimicrobial use and resistance in animal and food production are of concern to public health. The primary aims of this study were to determine the frequency of resistance to 12 antimicrobials in Escherichia coli isolates from 39

Economic Implications of Ethanol on Swine Production

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By: Mark Whitney, PhD Swine Extension Educator, University of Minnesota Extension Service How will the current increase in demand for domestic corn, largely “fueled” by increasing production of ethanol, affect corn availability and profitability for swine, and to a larger extent, livestock production? These were just a few of the topics discussed during the “Distillers

Trump Calls TPP ‘A Potential Disaster,’ Plans to Withdraw U.S. From TPP During First 100 Days

President Elect Donald Trump has said in a Youtube video that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is “a potential disaster,” and that he will withdraw the U.S. from the TPP during his first 100 days in office. NPPC has been pushing for the TPP to pass and give U.S. pork producers access to the Asian market––the fastest

Over Ventilating Hog Barns By 30 % Can Increase Heat Costs by 75%

Ventilation affects many aspects of the animal environment as well as barn operating costs, specifically energy costs. Retaining the existing ventilation system in a converted group-housed sow barn leads to over-ventilation during winter because the existing minimum ventilation fans are designed for higher animal density, thereby using extra heating fuel, and most likely causing chilling

Genesus Global Market Report––South East Asia

  Global Market Report – South East Asia Paul Anderson, General Manager South East Asia Contact:     Vietnam   Genesus exhibited at VIETSTOCK 2016 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last month. The VIETSTOCK 2016 Expo & Forum breaks another record with a registered 10,518 attendees coming from 39 different countries. With this

Effect of Mycotoxins in Swine

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  Mark Whitney, Regional Extension Educator-Swine, University of Minnesota Extension What are mycotoxins? Mycotoxins are compounds produced in grain by specific molds or fungi as secondary metabolites that may or may not be toxic to man or animals. Fungal infestation and subsequent mycotoxin production can occur during plant growth, maturity, harvesting, storage, and processing of

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