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Genesus Global Technical Report, Strategies to maximize long-term genetic gain in the genomic era

  Dinesh Thekkoot PhD Genomic selection (GS) is a new method for improving economic traits in animal populations by utilizing information from molecular markers, phenotypes and pedigree. This method provides the opportunity to estimate the breeding values of selection candidates more accurately and much earlier in life and for traits that are difficult to measure

Pain Management and Enrichment for Pigs

Summary: Powerpoint outlining new guidelines that came into place as of July 2016 regarding pain managment and enrichment PAIN MANAGEMENT As of July 1st 2016: Castration performed at any age must be done with analgesics to help control post-procedure pain, while castration performed after 10 days of age must be done with anesthetic and analgesic to

Dietary Sodium Bicarbonate and Stereotypic Behavior of Gestating Sows

J.N. Marchant-Forde1 and E.A. Pajor2 1USDA-ARS, Livestock Behavior Research Unit, Purdue University; 2Department of Animal Sciences Introduction Sows in confinement housing systems often perform repetitive behaviors such as bar-biting, sham-chewing and drinker pressing. These behaviors are considered stereotypic; that is, they are “repetitive, relatively invariant behaviors with no obvious function”. They are often termed “abnormal”

Adequate gilt acclimation helps minimize the PRRSV ‘tax’

Read more articles on Pig Health Today By Clayton Johnson, DVM Carthage Veterinary Service Integrated Veterinary Network   Despite decades of intense research and tremendous deployment of resources, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) remains the most costly production disease among swine industries throughout the world. Although some progress has been made, it’s estimated

Investigating ventilation system requirements for a sow gestation barn converted to group housing

Computer simulation was utilized to assess the performance of different ventilation system configurations needed for a sow gestation barn newly-converted to group housing. Various configurations of the ventilation system involving varying capacities and locations of exhaust fans as well as size, design and location of air inlets, were examined based on indoor air quality (i.e.,

Manipulation and regulation of post-weaning growth in the pig

Read the complete article The objective of this dissertation was to investigate the manipulation and regulation of post-weaning growth in the pig. Specific objectives, as reflected in the individual chapters of this thesis, were to investigate the basis for differences in post-weaning growth rate and the modification of growth achieved through the use of two

Herd Management for Disease Prevention

Roderick C. Tubbs Swine veterinarian Commercial Agriculture Program Jeanette L. Floss College of Veterinary Medicine Disease control is only one facet of a successful management program. Treatment of disease is not as effective or as economical as prevention. Many outbreaks of disease in swine herds can be avoided by using management practices that include strict

Breeding Pigs for Increased Natural Disease Resistance

  Background Disease resistance is the ability of a host to resist infection or exert control over the life cycle of a pathogen. There is evidence of genetic variation in response to disease for nearly every disease in livestock that has been thoroughly studied, supporting the utility of genomic selection to identify and breed livestock

Genesus Global Market Report: South East Asia Market

  South East Asia Market Paul Anderson, General Manager South East Asia , Genesus Inc ​   Thailand   Pig price in Thailand is THB 58/kg (USD 1.7) in early October. The price is forecast to get lower. Consumption is slow in the month because of school vacation and the vegetable festival later in the

The Impact of Piglet Birth Weight on Subsequent Growout Performance and Carcass Quality

Author(s): J.F. Patience, A.D. Beaulieu and T. Osmanagic Publication Date: January 1, 2006 Reference: Prairie Swine Centre Annual Research Report 2006 Country: Canada   Summary: SUMMARY Increased litter size resulted in decreased average birth weight, but how no effect on body weight variability at birth or later in life. Carcass quality was unaffected by litter

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