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Jim Long Pork Commentary, Hog Market shows Strength, October 16th 2017

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics This past week the US hog price moved up, each and every day, going from 54c to 58c lean for 53-54% hogs. The real strength shows when compared to last year. Last year the US marketed 2,305,000 hogs in this weekly time frame, and hogs 53-54% lean were

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, October 12th 2017

Large Volume Trade Noted Yesterday in Hog Puts   Follow me on Twitter @denniscattle   Thursday October 12, 2017   LEAN HOGS Nothing much to gleam from volume and open interest. Hog volume on the rally yesterday was moderate at 42,100 with open interest up 340. OI in Oct was down 1,100, up 1,100 in

Chris Hurt from the University of Purdue, Pork Industry’s Sustainable Expansion, October 10th 2017

The pork industry has been in expansion now for three years dating back to 2014 when the PED virus reduced pork supplies and sent hog prices to record highs. After an initial surge of breeding herd expansion of two to three percent three years ago, that expansion has been steady at between 1.2 and 1.5

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, Relief Rally in Hogs a Hedging Opportunity, October 5 2017

LEAN HOGS It appears to be a quiet morning regarding news that may impact livestock trading. Compared to Tuesday’s super high volume rally affair, yesterday’s rally in hogs occurred on light volume reported at only 37,900 cars. Open interest increased by 634 with open interest declining by just over 2,000 in the soon to expire

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, New Record Slaughter Number, September 26 2017

LEAN HOGS Lean hogs staged outside day higher settlements yesterday in the first three contracts. Such a chart pattern may not want to be ignored. Certainly the supply side fundamentals remain/appear as bearish as ever. Yesterday’s kill was a new record at 460,000. Wow that’s scary but its confirmation of expanded capacity. There won’t be

Scott Brown from the University of Missouri, Livestock Market Update, September 25 2017

Some highlights from this week’s Weekly Livestock Market Update: •This week’s Market Recap: Live cattle closed up $2.25 for the week. Feeder cattle were steady to $4.00 higher, there was a good demand for feeder cattle this week. Live cattle futures up $4.00 week – a strong week for nearby futures markets. Feeder cattle futures

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, Bellies Are Being Placed into the Freezer at Breakneck Pace, September 19 2017

    LEAN HOGS Monthly cold storage comes out Friday afternoon at 2:00. It likely will show a very small belly frozen stock figure. Since Sep 1st, however, we believe bellies have been placed into the freezer at breakneck speed. Eventually, despite record large production, this activity will force a bottom in the fresh belly

Scott Brown of the University of Missouri, Weekly Livestock Market Report, September 18 2017

  •Market recap for the week ending September 15, 2017: Cash hogs were down $3.80 for the week. The pork cutout was $2.82 for the week, led by bellies that declined $11.77 for the week. Ribs were down $8.84 this week. Pork bellies have lost 47% of their value in the last month. On the

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, Pork Commentary, September 14 2017

Follow me on Twitter @denniscattle LEAN HOGS Today is the last day of the Goldman Roll. Yesterday the Oct/Dec hog spread appeared to bottom. This occurred despite the fact that cash hog prices continue to decline with additional pressure expected again today. Lean hog futures are sharply discount. In the face of huge, in fact

Scott Brown of the University of Missouri, Weekly Livestock Market Update, September 13 2017

  Some highlights from this week’s Weekly Livestock Market Update: •Live cattle were down $1.50 on the week on minimal trade. Feeder cattle $1 to $5 higher on light trade this due to many sale barns closed because of the Labor Day Holiday. Demand seemed strong as many look to graze on early wheat pasture

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