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DDGS Value Analysis in Swine Rations, June 2017

Cost Savings of Incorporating DDGS into Swine Rations up to $5.29/pig at Conservative Levels and up to $7.38/pig at Aggressive Levels To illustrate the cost-savings of incorporating DDGS in swine diets, Gowans Feed Consulting has collected the most up to date regional ingredient costs from the U.S. Grains Council and formulated examples of optimized diets with and

Effects of Large Group Size on Productivity of Grower-Finisher Pig

Author(s): T. Samarakone and H. Gonyou Publication Date: January 1, 2002 Reference: Prairie Swine Centre Annual Research Report 2002 pp. 19 Country: Canada Summary: A study was conducted to compare production performance of grower-finisher pigs formed into larger groups (108 pigs/pen) to conventional small group size (18 pigs/pen) and to see if this trend in the pig industry is

Nutritional Therapy Tackles Livestock Transport

    As new regulations and controversies swirl around the issue of long-distance livestock transport, nutritional therapy is emerging as a top solution to protect animal welfare as well as the image and profitability of livestock industries. “Transport is often the face of livestock production to the public, because it’s what people see when they’re

‘Game changing’ feed mill innovations help drive growth of organic feed sector

    As strong momentum continues in organic food demand in North America and around the globe, advances at the feed mill level are rapidly evolving to help everyone from producers to retailers ensure consistent supply and capitalize on expanding opportunities. “Our focus is always on supporting farmers and their industries, to have the resources

Ileal digestibility of amino acids in low-oil DDGS fed to growing pigs

This report is based on unpublished research by Charmaine Espinosa and Hans H. Stein. Distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) are fed to pigs as a source of energy and amino acids. In recent years, ethanol plants have begun recovering corn oil from DDGS to sell for biodiesel and other uses. Conventional corn DDGS contains

Nutriad launches trace minerals in the USA

The American pork sector continues strong in 2017, driven by the export market and slightly lower hog weights. Companies across the sector are investing in new plants and supply is set to increase by 3% to 4% this year. With this positive outlook in mind, the World Pork Expo (WPX) in Des Moines, Iowa (USA)

Wheat CoProducts Vary in Protein Digestibility when Fed to Pigs

  Research from the University of Illinois is helping to determine the quality of protein in wheat middlings and red dog, two coproducts of the wheat milling process that can be included in diets fed to pigs and other livestock. Red dog consists mainly of the aleurone layer that lies between the bran and the

BioResource International, Inc. Academic Research Partners to Present the Effects of Xylanase and Protease Feed Enzymes in Swine Diets at ASAS-CSAS 2017 Annual Meeting

  BioResource International, Inc. (BRI), a global biotechnology company specializing in the research, development and manufacture of high-performance enzyme feed additives for optimizing animal nutrition and gut health, announced today that findings from two research studies using its xylanase feed additive Xylamax® and market-leading protease feed additive Versazyme® in swine diets will be presented at

ADM Enters Specialty Feed Ingredient Collaboration with Anco

  Archer Daniels Midlands Company (NYSE: ADM) announced today that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Austria-based Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH to provide Anco’s line of specialty feed ingredients to ADM Animal Nutrition customers. “This collaboration will provide livestock producers with greater access to Anco’s range of specialty feed ingredients,” said Chuck

Call for Collaboration to Research Optimal Gilt Weights

  While that may sound like the answer to a bad joke, Mark Knauer of North Carolina State University says that when you’re talking about gilt weight at breeding, it’s no laughing matter. Compared to lighter weight females, gilts mated at heavier weights tend to eat more feed, have greater feed maintenance requirements and have

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