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Plant-based Nutriion for Stress Management and Immunity Support

Herb-AllTMGUT manages non-speciic diarrhoea for faster recovering from dysentery and thus reduces the medicaion treatment. It is recommended in animal farming where diarrhoea frequency is high. It is recommended in animal farming where diarrhea frequency is high, mainly in young animals such as piglets and calves. The product is used during at least 2 -3

Land O’Lakes To Build New Animal Feed Manufacturing Facility In Virginia

Source: Land O’Lakes news release Land O’Lakes, Inc. announced today that it will build a state-of-the-art animal feed manufacturing facility in Roanoke, Virginia, with plans to open the facility in December 2018. “The southeast region is the single biggest growth opportunity for our Purina animal nutrition business. While the new facility is being constructed, we

DDGS Value Analysis in Swine Rations, March 2017

Cost Savings of Incorporating DDGS into Swine Rations up to $5.13/pig at Conservative Levels and Over $7/pig at Aggressive Levels To illustrate the cost-savings of incorporating DDGS in swine diets, Gowans Feed Consulting has collected the most up to date regional ingredient costs from the U.S. Grains Council and formulated examples of optimized diets with and without

USDA Issues: “Feed Outlook” Report

Source: USDA news release To view the complete report, click here. The March 2017 Feed Outlook report contains projections for the 2016/17 U.S. and global feed markets based on the most current World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.

Supplemental fat not necessary when canola meal is fed to weanling pigs

New research from the University of Illinois shows that adding supplemental dietary fat is not necessary to avoid reduced growth performance when replacing soybean meal with canola meal in diets fed to weanling pigs. Canola meal contains more protein than most plant ingredients, and can be used in place of soybean meal in pig diets.

Progress Reported in Efforts to Process Straw Fibre for Inclusion in Sow Diets

Farmscape for March 10, 2017 Full Interview 8:52 Listen Scientists has cleared the first hurdle in efforts to utilize fibre from straw in the diets of gestating and lactating sows. As part of research being conducted on behalf of Swine Innovation Porc aimed at increasing sow milk yield and piglet growth using low-cost feeds during

Inaugural CBS Asian Nutrition Summit puts spotlight on feed innovation

Inaugural CBS Asian Nutrition Summit puts spotlight on feed innovation Ideas and insights on the emerging new world of livestock feed innovation will take the spotlight in mid-March as Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) hosts its inaugural CBS Asian Nutrition Summit — a special swine and poultry forum linked to the major VIV Asia 2017

BIOMIN Launches Digestarom® DC: The Feed Converte

BIOMIN has launched its innovative, next generation phytogenic feed additive, Digestarom® DC, as it fulfills its ambition to become the PFA market leader by 2020. “Digestarom® DC represents a dramatically new approach to phytogenics,” stated Michael Noonan, Global Product Manager Phytogenics at BIOMIN. “We’ve concentrated our efforts on how to improve feed conversion, because we

Proactive approaches usher new generation of ionophore-free, antimicrobial-free feed mills

Changes to the livestock industry landscape are ushering a new generation of ionophore-free and antibiotics-free feed mills in Canada and the U.S. “The industry keeps evolving and moving forward to address shifting consumer demands and take advantage of new options that better align with what the marketplace wants,” says Dr. Nancy Fischer, a nutritionist with

Retention of Dietary Nitrogen in Pigs Ranges From 30% to 60%

    After energy, protein is the second most expensive nutrient in swine rations but utilization tends to be low.  Retention of dietary nitrogen in pigs ranges from 30% to 60% of intake with much of this inefficiency the result of catabolism of excess amino acid/protein intake or unbalanced amino acid supply.  This catabolism represents

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