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Danger!: 500+ Mycotoxins Putting Your Pigs at Risk

What are mycotoxins? Mycotoxins are natural substances produced by molds in the field and during the storage of grains, feeds and forages. With over 500 diverse types of mycotoxins discovered (yes, there are over 500!), it is a prevalent issue that can negatively affect your herd’s productivity, efficiency and profitability. How do mycotoxins affect your herd? Pigs are extremely

DSM Introduces Hy•D® for Swine in U.S. Market

  Today’s higher producing sows and faster growing pigs being raised indoors require producers to be more diligent when managing the vitamin D status of their herd. To fully optimize the genetic potential within their herds, and to improve overall nutrition status and profitability, DSM introduces Hy•D® for swine. DSM, with the aid of an external

Wheat Survey Blazes Pathway to Higher Feed Value

Fresh insights to help get more bang per bite from feed wheat. That’s what farmers and industry can look forward to as data builds following the third year of a major survey of wheat samples gathered from across Canada. The wheat survey was led by Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) and the University of Manitoba

Roland Brugger Joins Nuscience as Chief Innovation Officer

Nuscience Group, a member of the Royal Agrifirm Group, is pleased to announce the appointment of Roland Brugger as Chief Innovation Officer on September 4 . Roland has an extensive expertise both in animal nutrition and health but also in feed additive development. Roland is Austrian national, 51 years, has studied Chemistry and holds a

PMI Nutritional Additives Announces New Hires as Part of Strategic Growth Plans

    PMI Nutritional Additives today announced the hiring of five experts to support its growth strategy as it expands its line of livestock feed additive products. “We are excited to continue building our team with top talent,” says Adam DeRosier, General Manager of PMI Nutritional Additives. “Each will bring their unique experience and perspective

AP Introduces Enhancements to Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) System

  AP (Automated Production Systems) has introduced the next evolution of its electronic sow feeders. The AP Compident 8 ESF system offers new management options that provide improved durability, ease of use, animal monitoring and cost efficiency. AP electronic sow feeders support individualized nutrition compared to group feeding. Sows are identified by an RFID (radio

Does Creep Feeding Improve Post Weaning Performance?

  Weaned piglets are subjected to a number of nutritional, social and environmental stressors. They are separated from the sow, moved to a new environment, mixed with non-littermates and expected to begin consumption of a novel diet (transitioning from sow’s milk to solid feed). It is difficult to determine how much each stressor contributes to

Can Dust from Feed Mills Indicate Presence of Pathogens in Feed?

Full Interview 11:01 Listen      Scientists working on behalf of the Swine Health Information Center are attempting to determine whether the dust in feed mills can be used to identify the presence of potential disease causing pathogens and if those pathogens are present what can be done about it.   In response to the

Fresh Approaches to Milk Replacers Support Animal Care and Performance

    As livestock producers strive toward new innovations to optimize the health and productivity of their animals, right from the start, new advances in all-natural, nutritionally optimized milk replacers are stepping up to the challenge. “The more we learn from the growing body of science, the more clearly we understand just how critical it

Study Shows Response to Phytase Varies Among Canola Meal Varieties

Canola meal, which is included in diets fed to pigs as a protein source, is also relatively high in phosphorus. However, most of the phosphorus in canola meal is bound to phytic acid, and microbial phytase is often added to diets to help make more phosphorus available to pigs. New research from the University of

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