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Are your grow/finish barns ready for summer? Let your pigs tell you.

Watch your pigs and adjust your equipment to support optimal finishing in summer heat Whoever coined the phrase “the lazy days of summer” clearly wasn’t a pig farmer. Hot, humid summer weather demands extra vigilance to keep pigs comfortable. It can be particularly challenging to support optimal performance in finishing barns when pigs are approaching

DDGS Value Analysis in Swine Rations, May 2017

Cost Savings of Incorporating DDGS into Swine Rations up to $4.43/pig at Conservative Levels and up to $6.14/pig at Aggressive Levels. To illustrate the cost-savings of incorporating DDGS in swine diets, Gowans Feed Consulting has collected the most up to date regional ingredient costs from the U.S. Grains Council and formulated examples of optimized diets with and

Weaned pigs fed various classes of wheat performed equally

Author(s): Ruurd T. Zijlstra, David Overend, David R. Hickling, P. Howard Simmins, and John F. Patience Publication Date: January 1, 2002 Reference: Prairie Swine Centre 2002 Annual Research Report Country: Canada   Summary: Summary Feed processing and nutritional quality for CPS and Durum wheats have traditionally been expected to be lower than for Hard Red

Chemical composition and physicochemical characteristics of feed ingredients and effects on in vitro digestibility of DM

Diego Navarro, a Ph. D. candidate in the Stein Monogastric Nutrition Laboratory, presents the results of an experiment to determine the chemical composition and physicochemical characteristics of eight feed ingredients, and to calculate their effects on in vitro ileal and total tract digestibility of dry matter. Adapted from a presentation at the 2017 ASAS Midwestern

Alltech Acquires Montana-Based WestFeeds

Strengthening its commitment to bringing the latest field-proven technologies to Western U.S. livestock producers and companion animal owners, Alltech has purchased WestFeeds, a leading animal nutrition company in Montana. “WestFeeds has a strong reputation of providing producers with high quality animal nutrition products,” said Michael Castle, COO of Alltech. “We believe there is great benefit

Improved Canola Varieties and Processing Techniques Boost Value of Canola Meal in Swine Rations

Farmscape for May 9, 2017 Full Interview 5:16 Listen A Professor with the University of Manitoba suggests improved canola varieties and modern processing techniques have made canola meal a much more viable source of protein for nursery pig rations. Canola meal is the second most popular source of protein for swine rations. Dr. Martin Nyachoti,

A New Standard for Antibiotic Free Production

Feed Energy Company announced today the release of AntiBiotic Free Advantage, a wholly vegetable and antibiotic-free high energy vegetable source for feed. Pushing the boundaries for antibiotic-free production, AntiBiotic Free Advantage combines an expertise in lipid science technology with superior engineering and manufacturing. “On behalf of the entire staff of Feed Energy we are proud to

High Fibre Diets Offer Reduced Costs and Health Benefits

Farmscape for May 3, 2017 Full Interview 8:05 Listen A researcher with the Prairie Swine Centre says, by using strategies to improve the digestibility of fibre, pork producers can mitigate the negative aspects of ration formulations containing high levels of fibre while maximizing the beneficial effects. Factors driving the increased interest among pork producers in

Calysta, Cargill officially break ground on NouriTech, a new feed production plant in Memphis

NouriTech™ and its lead investors, Calysta, Inc. and Cargill, were joined by state and local elected officials today to officially break ground on a 37-acre Memphis feed production facility. The plant will be home to the world’s largest gas fermentation operation that will produce Calysta’s FeedKind® protein, a nourishing and sustainable feed ingredient for fish,

Enzymes and Processing Can Increase Digestibility of Fibre Boosting Positive Nutritional Effects

Farmscape for April 26, 2017 Full Interview 8:05 Listen A researcher with the Prairie Swine Centre says the use of enzymes or various processing methods can allow pork producers to capture the benefits of increasing levels of fibre in swine diets while mitigating the negative effects. The Utilization of Fibre Rich Diets was discussed yesterday

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