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Make plans to attend Seminar 11 – Feed: Commanding New Focus at the upcoming 48th Annual AASV Meeting in Denver

Dr. Joe Crenshaw of APC, Inc. will present at the upcoming 48th Annual AASV Meeting in Denver. Make plans to attend Seminar 11 – Feed: Commanding New Focus. The seminar will be presented on Sunday, February 26th from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm in Centennial C with Dr. Crenshaw covering the portion on Sampling Methods

DDGS Value Analysis in Swine Rations, February 2017

Cost Savings of Incorporating DDGS into Swine Rations up to $5.09/pig at Conservative Levels and up to $7.41/pig at Aggressive Levels To illustrate the cost-savings of incorporating DDGS in swine diets, Gowans Feed Consulting has collected the most up to date regional ingredient costs from the U.S. Grains Council and formulated examples of optimized diets with and

Novel technology for improved nutrient utilization

Olmix Group has recently released a new feed additive, MFeed+™, which has demonstrated enhanced nutrient utilization in pigs and poultry. MFeed+™ uses a patented process to combine clay layers with the structural components of algae, creating Olmix Exfoliated Algoclay (OEA). MFeed+™ is a novel tool with the potential to increase nutrient utilization and reduce feed

Prebiotics, Probiotics Offer Greatest Potential Among Newly Weaned Piglets

Farmscape for February 9, 2017 Full Interview 11:21 Listen The Head of Perdue University’s Animal Science Department says prebiotics, probiotics and organic acids offer the greatest potential as a replacements for in-feed antibiotics among the newly weaned piglets. Typically piglets are weaned at about three weeks of age and it’s at this point, when they

Managing Feeding to Reduce Waste in Lactation

Feed is the single largest cost associated with producing pork, ranging from 50-70% of the total cost of production.  When looking to save money in their feeding programs, producers typically consider the finishing herd as it represents approximately two-thirds of the total feed cost.  One area that can be easily overlooked is lactation feeding strategies

Contaminated Feed Ingredient Study Expected to Stimulate Discussion on Solutions

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Farmscape for February 2, 2017 Full Interview 6:59 Listen The Director of Research with Pipestone Applied Research is confident a simulation model which shows pathogens responsible for disease in swine can cross the ocean in feed ingredients will stimulate discussion on action that might be necessary to reduce the risks associated with imported feed products.

USDSA Issues: “Feed Outlook” Report

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Source: USDA news release To view the complete report, click here. Feed Outlook

Philosophies for Pig Farming in the Next Downturn

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Over the last year, margins in the pig business have been terrible! When this happens, it’s common for industry publications and experts to write and speak in great detail about all the things producers are supposed to be doing to survive in a down market. Quite often, the speaker or article offers obvious management practices

Wilbur-Ellis Feed Launches Innovative Engest

New feed technology a game changer for sow performance, Wilbur-Ellis Feed, LLC, a marketer and distributor of value-added ingredients for livestock, pet food and aquaculture industries in North America and New Zealand, announced the launch of Engest™ today at the Iowa Pork Congress in Des Moines. Engest, a ground-breaking new option for swine operations to

What pigs eat matters to millennials

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As consumer demand for pork remains high, millennial consumers say that what pigs eat has a strong influence on their pork-buying habits, according to a Cargill Feed4Thought consumer survey. The survey, which polled more than 2,000 people in the U.S. and Spain, found that 43 percent of American millennials say that a pig’s diet influences

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