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Spring Hog Price Rally Underway

Farmscape for April 25, 2018 Full Interview 9:01 Listen H@ms Marketing Services reports the typical spring rally has begun in live hog  prices.Spring and summer is typically when North American live hog prices cycle higher.Tyle r Fulton, the Director of Risk management with h@ms Marketing Services says for the last couple of weeks we’ve seen

June hogs in sideways mode

Support – this term refers to a trend line or price area under the market which is expected to hold the market from potential decline. Resistance– a price area or trend line above the market that is expected to prevent or stall price increases. Trend lines and channels – these long lines outline an established

Agriculture’s Contribution to Carbon Sequestration Must be Recognised

Farmscape for April 20, 2018 Full Interview 9:25 Listen The President of the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan says the contribution of Canadian agriculture in helping reduce Canada’s carbon footprint and without a carbon tax needs to be recognized. The Government of Saskatchewan has rejected a Federal Government ultimatum to the provinces implement a carbon

Federal Provincial Funding Allows Pork Producers to Accelerate Biosecurity Improvements

Farmscape for April 18, 2018 Full Interview 8:43 Listen The Saskatchewan Pork Development Board says funding offered through the Saskatchewan Loadout Biosecurity Program allowed pork producers to accelerate planned improvements to biosecurity.In response t o the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea outbreak  last year in Manitoba the Saskatchewan Government launched the Saskatchewan Loadout Biosecurity Program to help

Prairie Swine Centre Appoints New CEO

The Board of the Centre has announced the appointment of Dr. Murray Pettitt as their new CEO. Murray will assume responsibilities on July 1, 2018 and will succeed Lee Whittington, who is retiring after 26 years, the last 10 years as President/CEO. Dr. Pettitt has been part of the swine research community for the past

PigTRACE Canada Encourages Compliance with Mandatory Pig Movement Reporting

Farmscape for April 13, 2018 Full Interview 6:20 Listen The Director of PigTRACE Canada says 2018 will see a stepped effort to en courage anyone not already reporting pig movements to begin doing so.The reporting of all movements of pigs became mandatory in Canada in 2014. Jeff Clark, the Director of PigTRACE Canada an initiative

Expected New Export Opportunities in Japan Cause for Increased Optimism

Farmscape for April 12, 2018 Full Interview 7:31 Listen The Chair of the Canadian Pork Council says the confidence Japanese customers have in the quality of Canadian pork combined with greater freedom to move product into that country creates new o pportunities for growth in that market.Last month, in recognition of Canada and Japan’s particip

Genomics Offers Potential to Identify Disease Resilient Livestock

Farmscape for April 10, 2018 Full Interview 18:01 Listen A professor of livestock genomics with the University of Alberta suggests the ability to identify livestock that will be more resilient to and recover more quickly from  disease holds tremdous promise.Scientists working on behalf of Swine Innovation Porc are using genomics in the development of new

Audio Special 2018 Manitoba Pork Annual General Meeting

2018 Manitoba Pork Annual General Meeting Audio Special for April 5, 2018 Rick Bergmann, Chair of the Canadian Pork Council, provides a Canadian Pork Council Update. Rick Bergmann 7:31 Listen Jeff Clark, the Director of PigTRACE Canada an initiative of the Canadian Pork Council, discusses the role of PigTRACE within Canadian Pork Excellence, Canada’s new

Prairie Hog Country- April/May 2018 Edition

I am excited to share the news that the April May issue of Prairie Hog Country has been unloaded to the press. It will be in the hands of Canada Post next Friday, at which time the on line edition will be updated too. Included with-in this issue is updates from a recent trade mission

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