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Jim Long Pork Commentary, U.S. Hog Prices Continue Strong, August 14, 2017

Pork Commentary, August 14th 2017 Jim Long President-CEO Genesus Inc.       US Hog Prices Continue Strong   Last week, the USDA 53-54% National Hog carcass averaged 84¢ lb; same time a year ago, 53-54% lean hog was 67¢ lb. That’s about $35.00 per head year over year to the better. That $35 is really

George Charbonneau from Southwest Ontario Veterinary Services, Does Floor Space At Mixing Affect Lameness in Sows?

Group housing of sows during gestation has been mandatory in the European Union since 2013. Group housing is gradually being adopted in North America. The move towards housing sows in groups rather than individual gestation stalls can result in some unintended consequences. The incidence of lameness in sows is both a welfare and production concern.

Jim Long Pork Commentary, European Road Trip, August 1 2017

  Jim Long President-CEO Genesus Inc.   This past week we met producers from England, Netherlands and Germany. Our Observations:   England Production holding steady at about 400,000 sows.  About 40% of swine production is outdoor.  That means field farrowing, just like America 30-35 years ago.  Current Swine prices at £1.65 British pounds a carcass kilo

Jim Long Pork Commentary, Summer Market Continues to be Lucrative, July 25 2017

Jim Long, President – CEO Genesus Inc.     The summer hog market continues to provide strong profits.  Lean Hogs over 90¢ lb.  Last year same time U.S lean hogs were averaging 72¢ lb.  The difference at least $36 per head to the better.  Huge profit margin improvement.  We had a real nice compliment last

Jim Long Commentary, National Pork Industry Conference, July 12 2017

This week the National Pork Industry Conference in Wisconsin has 950 attendees.  We were fortunate to speak.  Here are some of the text of our talk: Quick Facts •90% of all Pigs in the world are not raised in USA-Canada •USA pork exports over 25% of production – #1 pork exporting country in the world •Canada pork

Jim Long Commentary, U.S Hogs and Pigs Report More Pigs!, July 4 2017

The USDA released the June 1st Hogs and Report last Friday.  Lots more pigs!  2.2 million more markets.  This will lead to almost 100,000 more hogs per week for plants year over year in coming 5 months.     Simple Arithmetic March to end of May – 3% more farrowing’s – 1% bigger litter =

Jim Long Pork Commentary, Global Mega Producers, Think Globally, Act Locally, June 18 2019

    Genesus as the founding sponsor have in conjunction with the National Hog Farmer the most read swine magazine and e-letter in the United States have jointly initiated the Global Mega Producer program.  The Mega Producer initiative recognizes the 26 Global producers with over 100,000 sows.  As our industry consolidates and becomes more Global with

Lee Whittington of Prairie Swine Centre, Technology provides unlimited opportunity for data collection, June 19 2017

  Precision farming is now a commonly accepted term. In a decade, it has become the standard in pursuit of best management practice. Precision agriculture is a way of thinking about your farm and it is raising the bar for the whole industry on what is possible to measure and thus manage. It includes all

Greg Wideman from Southwest Ontario Veterinary Services, When Are We Justified In Pushing The Treatment Button?

Because of the risk of antimicrobial resistance, the judicious use of antimicrobials in production animals and humans is continuing to move towards the center of the spot light of political and public attention. Denmark is already well along the path towards measurement of antimicrobial use with the goal of optimizing  and gradually reducing antimicrobial use

Jim Long Commentary, World Pork Expo Report, June 12 2017

  Last week the World Pork Expo was held in Des Moines, Iowa.  The World Pork Expo is the largest Global Swine Event held annually.  Our WPX report.   The WPX benefited from great weather, sunny and warm.  Perfect weather for the outside tent set up many companies use.   There were reported 20,000 visitors

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