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Cooling Systems for Pigs a Hot Topic By Geoff Geddes, for Swine Innovation Porc

Like opposable thumbs, working sweat glands are something pigs can only dream about. But for pigs during transportation, the lack of functional sweat glands can be a nightmare and is often fatal in the absence of proper ventilation. That was the impetus for research evaluating the impact of ventilation in warm conditions on the behaviour,

Jim Long Pork Commentary, Mexico Trip Report, February 12th 2018

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics Last week we spent in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Capital of Jalisco is Guadalajara. Jalisco is the number one state in Mexico for hog production, with over 20% of the country’s output. Our Observations:   Mexico’s hog price is very good at significantly higher price than US

Brent Jones from Southwest Ontario Veterinary Service, Does Finishing Space Allowance Affect Pork Quality?

The effect of finishing  pig space allowance on growth performance has received a lot of attention. Decreased space allowance can negatively affect average daily feed intake and average daily gain. The effect of reduced space allowance on pork carcass quality has received less attention. These Korean researchers wanted to evaluate the optimal space allowance that

Jim Long Pork Commentary, Where we at? Where are we going? February 5th 2018

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics This past week, a year ago, US 53-54% lean hogs were averaging 69¢ lb; this year, this past week 73¢ lb – 4¢ higher, or about $8 per head to the good.   A year ago, U.S. cash 40lb feeder pig were averaging $72; this week, this year

Brent Jones from Southwest Ontario Veterinary Service, – The “Red Paint” on Uncooked Meat

When I comes to biosecurity I always like to think of disease organisms that threaten biosecurity as being like fresh “red paint”  that coats the surface of the outside world. We already know that bringing uncooked meat into a barn represents a huge risk with respect to Foreign Animal Disease such as Foot and Mouth

Jim Long Pork Commentary, Iowa Pork Congress Report, January 29th 2018

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics Last week we attended the Iowa Pork Congress in Des Moines, Iowa. Iowa is the number one hog producing state in the US. Our Observations.   The Congress was well attended. The first day was quite busy. The number of exhibitors increased from last year, probably as a

Dr Bill Moore from Southwest Ontario Veterinary Service, – Salmonella 4,[5],12:i:- Emerging As A Multidrug Resistant Zoonotic Pathogen

Salmonella sp. continue to be one of the most common foodborne bacterial pathogens. Salmonella 4,,12:i:- is emerging as a more significant player in foodborne outbreaks in people associated with pig and pig products on a world wide basis.  Salmonella 4,,12:i:- is increasingly detected in swine in both Canada and the USA. These US researchers wanted

Jim Long Pork Commentary, Minnesota Pork Congress Report, January 22nd 2018

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics   Last week we attended the Minnesota Pork Congress, which was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   Minnesota is the number three US hog producing state after Iowa and North Carolina. Our report and observations.   There was a Taste of Elegance reception that featured Chefs and Pork. A

George Charbonneau from Southwest Ontario Veterinary Services, Current Intensity and Duration Important to Effective Stunning

Head-only electrical stunning of pigs involves passing an electrical current across the brain but not through the heart. The electrical current passing through the brain renders the pig unconscious for a period of time.  If head-only current is applied then a secondary step such as exsanguination (bleeding) or application of a current through the heart

Jim Long Pork Commentary, Real Productivity, January 15th 2018

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics There is a myth of swine productivity results and then the reality. There is an exercise we like to do at year end to look at real productivity of the US-Canada swine productivity sector.   To do this, we need to use the combined US-Canada breeding herd inventory

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