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Continued Strong Biosecurity Key to PED Eradication

Farmscape for November 21, 2017 Full Interview 5:55 Listen The Manager of Swine Health Programs with Manitoba Pork says maintaining strong biosecurity throughout this coming winter and spring will be key to eliminating Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea from the province. Manitoba’s pork producers appear to have gained the upper hand in bringing under control a Porcine

INFLUENZA: A GROWING THREAT TO YOUR SWINE HERD’S POTENTIAL Production losses from influenza can total more than $3 per head

Influenza A virus in swine (IAV-S) has been present in U.S. herds for nearly 100 years,1 and until recently, was less complicated for producers and veterinarians to manage. Today, however, due to its endemic presence in swine populations in North and South America, Asia and Europe,1 as well as the emergence of new virus strains

Urine sampling can reliably detect penicillin residues in sows

As seen in Urine sampling is a reliable way to detect procaine penicillin G (PPG) residues prior to processing and may help producers avoid processing-plant violations, according to Locke A. Karriker, DVM, a professor at Iowa State University. Increasing incidence of PPG-residue detection in cull sows has been reported, due in part to changes

Success Stories: Cross-protection Makes a Big Difference

Here’s how rethinking vaccination strategies helped two farms   Veterinarians Marty Mohr of New Ulm Regional Veterinary Center in New Ulm, Minnesota, and Bill Hollis of Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd. in Carthage, Illinois, have one thing in common: Both have had a client outsmart swine influenza virus.   Before For Dr. Hollis, his client in

Free Range Production Compromises Food Safety

Farmscape for November 17, 2017 Full Interview 7:02 Listen A Veterinary Pathologist with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine says the move to boutique style free range livestock production compromises the superior level of food safety that has been achieved as a result of modern livestock housing. “Zoonotic Diseases,” were discussed this week as part

Aptimmune Launches Industry’s First Inactivated Mucosal Influenza A Virus Vaccine in Swine (IAV-S)

Aptimmune Biologics introduces the industry’s first inactivated mucosal influenza A virus in swine (IAV-S) vaccine administered via nasal spray.  Aptimmune’s IAV-S vaccine utilizes the BARRICADE™ proprietary vaccine formulation that gives swine producers and veterinarians a completely different approach to conventional inactivated injectable and live virus vaccines for safely preventing and managing respiratory disease. This inactivated

Previously Infected Pigs Spread PED Longer Than Previously Thought

Farmscape for November 14, 2017 Full Interview 5:55 Listen The Manager of Swine Health Programs with Manitoba Pork says the risk to pigs of contracting PED from previously infected pigs remains high much longer than had been previously thought. Since the end of April, 80 swine sites in Manitoba have been infected with Porcine Epidemic

Getting pigs off to a good start with better gut health

 As seen in Podcast: Play in new window | Download Improved education of caretakers is one way pork producers can help ensure their pigs have a healthy gut and get off to a good start, Noel Garbes, DVM, technical services veterinarian, Zoetis, told Pig Health Today. There’s plenty of knowledge and discussion about the

Western College of Veterinary Medicine Encourages Everyone to Consider Flu Shots

Farmscape for November 3, 2017 Full Interview 12:50 Listen The Western College of Veterinary Medicine is encouraging the public to get the flu shot to protect both themselves and those around them. Influenza is viral infection that infects mostly the upper respiratory tract of most mammals but it can move down into the lungs and

Near Real Time Domestic Swine Disease Monitoring Offers Up To Date Picture of Swine Health

Farmscape for November 1, 2017 Full Interview 7:30 Listen The Executive Director of the Swine Health Information Center says Near Real Time Domestic Swine Disease Monitoring will provide swine producers and their veterinarians an up to date picture of the swine health situation across the U.S. In partnership with the Swine Health Information Center the

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