Protocol Controlled Barn Entry System Debuts at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Debuting Protocol® for the first time in Canada, Farm Health Guardian is showcasing a working demo at this week’s Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. The system uses facial recognition technology to proactively control livestock and poultry barn entry points enabling farm managers to lower the risk of disease entry and protect animal health.

“With Protocol, there is never a question of who is entering your barn or if they have met your biosecurity requirements,” says Rob Hannam, Farm Health Guardian CEO. “We’re excited to demonstrate Protocol, a serious biosecurity game changer when it comes to managing barn access and simplifying biosecurity.”

Protocol not only allows farmers and integrators to take full control of who can enter their farm production sites, it also simplifies biosecurity management. The technology automatically factors in criteria such as previous visits, downtime between barns and farm health status. It is more secure than standard door locks, access keypads, or RFID cards because they lack the behind-the-scenes biosecurity information.

“Producers want assurances that any person entering their barns are disease-free, especially with the recent threats of diseases like African swine fever and avian influenza that have become major concerns,” says Hannam. “We’re proud to offer the most innovative controlled access system available today.”

The Protocol software offers flexibility and is configurable to downtime, health status, flows and other biosecurity policies for any individual farm system. It is even adaptable to roll-up doors and fumigation rooms to ensure that deliveries are biosecure.

Protocol is being showcased at the Farm Health Guardian booth DIC-10 of the Dairy Innovation Centre at this year’s Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.