Banff Pork Seminar Audio Special, January 11th 2017


Farmscape Banff Audio Special for January 11, 2017

-Dr. Candido Pomar, a Research Scientist with Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, discusses “The Challenges of Estimating Optimal Nutrient Allowances in Growing-Finishing Pigs & the Future of the Swine Industry.”

Dr. Candido Pomar 7:51 Listen

-Dr. Bob Goodband, a Swine Nutritionist with Kansas State University, provides “An Update on Amino Acid Requirements for Swine – Nursery & Grow-Finish.”

Dr. Bob Goodband 5:38 Listen

-Dr. Clayton Johnson, the Director of Health Carthage System with Carthage Veterinary Services, discusses “Raised Without Antibiotics – Analyzing the Impact to Biologic and Economic Performance.”

Dr. Clayton Johnson 7:35 Listen

-Dr. Greg Wideman, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with South West Ontario Veterinary Services discusses “Transition to Antibiotic-Free Production – On-Farm Management Strategies.”

Dr. Greg Wideman 7:21 Listen

       *Farmscape is a presentation of Sask Pork and Manitoba Pork


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