AGC Nucleus Herd Profile: Sand Ridge Genetics


Alliance Genetics Canada is excited to welcome Albertans Ken and Maria Hamoen to the “A” Team! Ken’s parents and six siblings started out on a 250-sow land based farm northwest of Edmonton. After being away from the farm for almost 10 years, Ken and Maria came back and purchased one in 2002. During a depop in 2006, the opportunity came up to purchase the Rosebriar Farm purebred herd and business from Murray Roeske. Ken and Maria took this opportunity and so began the steep learning curve that came with raising animals destined for breeding rather than just for market.

Murray’s Rosebriar stock had a strong reputation for being heavily built, productive, and among the top graders at packing plants. Murray took the time to show Ken and Maria the ropes, the first of which was introducing them to the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement (CCSI) and their testing program. He also provided the connections for accessing genetics within Canada and abroad. The Hamoens have been introducing genetics from these sources for the past 10 years and after many trials, the genetics sourced from AGC herds proved time and again to be the best. They are consistent, very productive, and have a low incidence of defects.

Now that Ken and Maria are part of AGC, Sand Ridge Genetics and their customers will be even more connected to the best swine genetics in Canada. Ongoing research and development through AGC and CCSI will ensure that genetic progress continues for economically important traits. AGC is committed to supplying quality and healthy breeding pigs to our valued local, national, and worldwide customers.


“The perfect pig is subjective, so the job of the breeder is to continually strive to meet the expectation of the customer.  What is important to you?  AGC’s model of having the breeder directly tied to the customer gives every opportunity for this exchange of what’s important in the marketplace to filter back quickly to the genetic source.”

– Ken Hamoen



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