AGC Nucleus Herd Profile: BMR Genetics


Rod de Wolde and his family took over his parents purebred swine herd in 1999 and moved the business, known as BMR Genetics, to Millbrook, Ontario. Rod is extremely proud with the production of his herd, which includes raising an excellent number of good quality pigs per sow with large weaning weights. Looking forward, Rod sees production, growth, and feed conversion continuing to improve. Genetic improvement is always on his mind, and the innovative implementation of genomics is a key component to do so. Just as the rest of AGC nucleus herds, BMR Genetics cares about the welfare of their animals, taking individual care of each animal. Being a smaller herd, BMR is able to pay attention to details and be aware of the smaller things that larger herds may not be able to. This ensures that every possible measure is taken to provide the highest quality animal for consumers.

Before joining as a partner in Alliance Genetics Canada, BMR Genetics was involved in the Canadabred organization.  With Canadabred, BMR could share genetics while maintaining a sense of independence from other breeders. When they merged with the Alliance of Independent Breeders to form AGC, opportunities were created to share genetic knowledge and expertise and to form a more unified group.

Standing behind their product and providing superior animal quality is a large priority for AGC.  Nevertheless, customer service is also a quality AGC prides themselves on. Connecting with customers is just as important to AGC and Rod as taking care of the animals. They are grateful to have personal relationships with many of the people they deal with.


“Many of our customers belong to family farm operations, which is exactly what we are, so it’s very easy to relate to them. The people in our company doing the breeding and genetic work are also the same ones running the farms. Therefore, there’s no disconnect when customers have questions for us and this helps us to maintain a level of trust and connection with our clients.”

– Rod de Wolde





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